opposing argument look like H u m a n i t i e s

opposing argument look like H u m a n i t i e s

Option 1:
Write a paper about the experience of reading and interpreting Jane Eyre once Mr. Rochester’s secret is revealed. Choose a scene that changed for you once you had read about Bertha or learned more about Mr. Rochester. In the first portion of your essay describe how you interpreted the scene prior to the discovery of Bertha (some scenes that come to mind–the gypsy scene, the marriage proposal. In the second half of the essay, provide a new reading of the scene that describes how you interpret the scene now that you know who lives on the Third Story.

The essay should be 3-4 pages long and include a list of “Works Cited” (again, even if it contains only our primary sources). The essay should include between 6 and 8 quotations and analyses of at least equal length or longer.

1. Underline your paper title and say how does your title orient your reader to your paper topic?

2. Examine your thesis statement. What would the opposing argument look like? Write that down in the DRAFT. If you cannot imagine an opposing argument, revise your thesis.

3. Underline all of the sentences containing quotations. How many are there? You should have between 6 and 10 quotations. Remember to introduce the speakers of the quotations prior to the quotation. Do not “drop” your quotations.

4. Put the parenthetical notation containing the page number in bold (end of quote ” (35).) And bold the sentences in which you analyze the quotations. Verify that your formatting of the page numbers is correct and that you have analyzed your quotations in length at least equal to the quotations themselves.

5. Look at your paragraph to paragraph transitions? Did you end any paragraphs with a quotation? Have you led your audience through the logical connection you are trying to make?

6. Read your paper OUT LOUD. Italicize all that you revise based on reading what you wrote out loud.

Finally, provide a clean, fully revised version of your essay (FINAL) at the beginning of the draft document. This version of the paper with both the Final (at the beginning of the document) and the marked up essay at the end of the document, should be posted to the link below. I expect that your final submission will be about 8-10 pages since it will have an old and a new version of the essay. I’ve attached an example for your reference. Between Oppression and Expression.docx Between Oppression and Expression.docx – Alternative Formats

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