one page response please describe B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

one page response please describe B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

Communication Plan

When implementing a new CRM solution communication with employees and customers is essential. Many CRM solutions have internal and external components, providing opportunities for new experiences for both employees and customers. It is critical that a communication plan is developed to get both employees and customers excited about the new CRM solution. In a one page response please describe the following:

  1. How will you communicate with employees to gain buy in on the new CRM solution? Remember, the organization will be conducting training on this system. How we communicate early can have an important impact on the attitude of employees going into the training.
  1. Consider the ways that customers might experience benefits from the CRM solution. How will the organization communicate this with customers? What will be the important components within that message? Please consider both language and modality

Implementation and Training Plan

Implementing a new CRM solution requires training and implementation planning. In this section of the project you will preliminarily address this by setting goals and objectives for the organization related to the CRM implantation. The goals and objectives set will be used to develop and evaluate training related to the CRM solution.

1. Develop 3 goals for your training.

2. Develop 3-5 objectives for each goals. Remember, objectives should have a specific and measurable outcome. Have a specific deadline. Be relevant to the participants’ job. Be relevant to the overall goals of the organization related to the CRM solution.

Each plan has to be on a separate page. so communication and Implementation/training have to be different. Also, I’m not sure if this information is needed for this assignment but The CRM application I chose was to install a quick and easy order pickup option for a store chain like Walmart for example for customers to be in and out of the stores when picking up online/mobile orders. Also to re-program the mobile application to seem more aesthetically pleasing. More bright colors and headers clearly stating how to navigate through the app. When scanning the barcode through the app the customer will earn points and every point is one step closer to getting discounts. That way through the purchases we know what the customers like and we can suggest other items to them.

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