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Project Instructions

In this project, you will complete a timesheet for David Swinson, similar to the one you worked on in Skill Review 1.1. You will need to enter and format missing dates, correct a data entry mistake, apply number formatting, and enter formulas to calculate the total billable hours per day, the daily total for each day, and the bill total for the week.

Skills needed to complete this project:

  • Navigating a Workbook (Skill 1.2)
  • Entering and Editing Text and Numbers in Cells (Skill 1.4)
  • Inserting Data Using AutoFill (Skill 1.7)
  • Entering Dates and Applying Date Formats (Skill 1.6)
  • Using AutoSum to Insert a SUM Function (Skill 1.13)
  • Applying Number Formats (Skill 1.5)
  • Understanding Absolute and Relative References (Skill 1.11)
  • Entering Simple Formulas (Skill 1.10)
  • Using the Recommended Charts Feature (Skill 1.9)
  • Exploring Charts (Skill 1.8)
  • Previewing and Printing a Worksheet (Skill 1.20)
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Acquiring your completed file for submission:

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