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Attached is the question. Please answer correctly!

H «7 . o DDmmenH , Ward Edward Cmdma m Fi‘e Heme 1nser1 Desrgn Layout Refeverwes Marlmge Rerrew Vrew Heraiv 1m rasreaksv Spadng a, ‘ , , flH . . 1mm Numbers . A Mom: 0 p, e , _MarginsOrienvation Size Columns a“ h at. . Z : 90mm map 8mm Send Selection WW. . . . b‘ V" E" ‘°" . eeAflen am . v Text Fe Su’ekn‘drd Pane “" ‘Page Setup r. Paragraph n Arrange A Presented helnw Is selected Infomallon for three regrenal dwl ons of Medina Campany. n umh west southConmhufion mamm $290,000 $499,000 $399,000Ounlrallahle margin $139,000 $359,000 $209,000Average aneraunq assets $992,857 $1,994,444 $1,492,857Mlmmum raredrremm 11% 14% 0% compute the return on Investment for each drvlslon. (noumt R01 to a decimal pleas, 2.57. 151)North Division wewear DMsron “/05mm. Dlvlsmn we compute the resrdual rnmme for each dlvlsmn. (Round Iinalznswers m a decimal places,e.g, 1,255,) North 0. sum West mvrsron south 0 Ismn Assume mar each dwrsmn has an mvesrmenl opourtumry mar wuuld provlde a rare of rerurn cf15% (1) 1r R0] 15 used (a measure performance, wmen dlvlsmn ur dwrsrans wm probably make meaddrrmnal mvesrmenrr (2) If msldual lncnme Is used m measure performance, wmcn drvrsran 0r dMsIons erI probablymake me eddruanal Investment? Page 1 an 146 words [[3 fl 0 Type here 10 search

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