new “ social contract ” thereby relinquishing H u m a n i t i e s

new “ social contract ” thereby relinquishing H u m a n i t i e s

Our Founding Fathers considered the protection of minority rights as those few individuals who retained control over society. These individuals were property holders, policy makers or those who possessed positions of power. Many today believe that minority rights are protecting special classes as those who possess certain ethnic traits or other characteristics. As monarchies and despots primarily ruled the world, America’s Founding Fathers properly came to reason that their intent to establish a successful republican government would in fact be an anomaly. Of primary concern was to gather the support of man to subscribe to this new “social contract” thereby relinquishing some rights for the betterment of society. These elites sought to establish a new power structure to assure their position as American elites and not subjects to the Crown. Convincing the masses to join in this revolution required careful manipulation of the masses. Students are asked to contemplate the following question: “What were the primary motivating factors for America’s Founding Fathers to rebel against England?”


  1. America’s Founding Fathers identified themselves as elites requiring protection against majority factions. Were they more concerned about overreaching government power or the mass class? What measures did the Founders engage to manipulate the masses to support the American Revolution and elite control over public policy?
  2. One may argue that elites still govern our society. If so, then how do today’s elites manipulate the masses to maintain legitimacy? Are the measures identical to those undertaken by our Founding Fathers?
  3. Identify significant specific instances where the degree of legitimacy bestowed on elite leaders has dipped. What would happen if the majority of citizens lose faith in policy makers? Would the result be the destruction of our system or would nothing change?
  4. What is your opinion about protecting minority rights against majority factions? Do the various checks and balances of our system protect “the people” or today’s ruling class? Has the system really changed throughout our nation’s history?


  1. TYPED! Ten pages (coversheet not included). NOTE: You can type till your heart’s content.
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  3. Written well in your own words.
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PAPER LAYOUT: It is recommended that your paper be laid out in the following manner:

  1. Coversheet: Paper title, name, class, section number, e-mail address and instructor’s name.
  2. Introduction: Begin your paper with an introduction that tells the reader how your paper is going to be laid out. Never assume the reader already knows about the subject you are writing about. Tell the reader (Dr. T) what you are writing about all while thinking about the following phrase “Here is the path I’m taking you down and here is why!”
  3. Body: This is the “guts” of your paper.
  4. Conclusion: State how the American Political System can be improved.


The last section of your paper should contain a bibliography of reference materials used for this paper. There are various style formats available for use, including APA, Chicago, etc. Students need only to utilize the suggested style when listing their resource materials.