must use times new roman font W r i t i n g

must use times new roman font W r i t i n g

ENG-102 (Fall 2020)

Prof. Kaminski
Critical Analysis Paper
Due – Monday, December 14, by 11:59pm. You must upload a Microsoft Word Document (or PDF) to Moodle for the paper to be accepted by the instructor. No physical copies or emailed copies. The Critical Analysis Paper will not be accepted any other way. The window for submitting your paper via Moodle will open Monday, December 7, at 8:30 am. Late submissions will not be allowed.


You have been focusing this semester on writing a five-paragraph essay (an introduction, three supporting, and a conclusion). This paper is no different except for the fact that you are now being required to write a minimum of eight supporting paragraphs. So your focus here is to write a ten-paragraph essay. Read the short stories listed below, choose the one you like most, and develop a thesis statement based around your interpretation. I am not providing lecture notes on these texts as that would cause you to view them as I do. This assignment is designed for you to showcase your critical thinking and writing skills via independent work.

Once you have chosen your short story/play and formed a thesis statement, write a ten-paragraph critical analysis paper in response to it, citing (direct quoting or paraphrasing) the corresponding textual source to help introduce your points of argument and synthesize your ideas based off your reading of the text (this is a Formalist/Close Reading approach so no outside sources, except, of course, for the textual source, are required to be cited from). MLA Style parenthetical citations must be used (no block quoting) and a Works Cited page is required as well.

1. “A Good Man Is Hard to Find” by Flannery O’Connor 2. “The Things They Carried” by Tim O’Brien
3. “A Rose for Emily” by William Faulkner
4. The Cherry Orchardby Anton Chekhov

5. Fencesby August Wilson

Additional Information:
Create a unique title for your paper. You must use Times New Roman font at size 12. The paper must be double-spaced. Paragraph format is required. Remember, when writing a supporting paragraph, follow these steps: 2-3 sentences to introduce your point, a citation that backs up your point, then 2-3 sentences explaining how the citation backs up your point (this is called synthesis).

Grading System:
MLA Style Works Cited Page = 10 points
Correct use of MLA Style Parenthetical Citations = 10 points
Grammar/Style = 10 points
Context (i.e. quality of argument being presented) = 70 points
If you do not meet the minimum paragraph requirement (ten), your paper will be lowered to a 70 before the instructor even begins reading.