must use apareferencing style .• quotations must B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

must use apareferencing style .• quotations must B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

You already finished the part one of this project ( Abyat Company ) = 5 marks

This is part two of the project , I have a third part it’s going to be the last

Last two parts worth 10 marks for each , the total marks for the whole project is 25 marks

Please help me to get the full mark

I promise you I will give you high tips before you send me the final work


1000 words and above

Please use your own words It must be an original work

Please avoid plagiarism

20% of the total grade will be deducted for providing a poor structure of the assignment. For example, if the assignment is marked out of 15, the student provided an excellent content and answer that met all the requirements of the assignment’s question with poor writing structure. Then the student will get 15 based on the content and you will deduct up to 20% (3 marks) from the total grade (5% for paper style, 5% spelling and grammar errors, 5% for referencing and 5% for word count).

The reference list, a minimum number of 10 references and citations is required, and you must use APAreferencing style.

• Quotations must be cited to its resources.

The paper styles:

• The format of the paper needs to be introduction, main body and conclusion.

• Your work needs to be consistent in terms of style, tone and appearance.

• Font size: 12.

• Font type: Times New Roman,

• Page are numbered.

• 1.5 spacing between lines and paragraphs.

• Left alignment.


1. Devise a digital marketing strategy for your campaign.(refer to figure 4.5, page 147 or ch4, slide 9)

Today I will upload the page 147 from chapter 4

a. Where are you now? (situation analysis)

b. Where do you want to be? (business objectives)

c. How are you going to get there? (strategy)

d. How exactly do you get there? (tactics)

e. Who does what and when? (actions)

f. How do you monitor performance? (control)

2. Summaries the marketing mix best suitable for your campaign. (refer to ch5)

Tomorrow I will upload chapter 5 and 6

a. Product variables

b. Price variables

c. Place variables

d. Promotion variables

e. Process variables

3. How can you implement relationship marketing for your campaign? (refer to ch6)

a. Could you create a virtual community? And how does it help the relationship marketing.

b. Could you use digital media to support customers’ advocacy? And how?