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World Music Name___________________________

Study Guide: Sub-Saharan Africa

1. The mbira belongs to the class of instruments known as ___________________________.

2. The Shona are a ____________-speaking people of what country? _________________________

3. Even simple mbira pieces contain many inner __________________ _________________, and involve an art of creative ___________________ as well as playing.

4. What is meant by “interlocking” or “hocketing?”

5. What does “ostinato” mean?

6. How many different countries are in Africa? _______ How many ethnolinguistic groups? __________

Why is it better to think about African music in terms of ethnolinguistic groups rather than nations?

7. What is the basic lifestyle of the majority of Pygmies? __________________ existence.

8. According to Turnbull, the BaMbuti Pygmies lead a kind of double life – how?

9. What is meant by “nonspecialized activity?”

10. BaMbuti women are the primary singers for the ______________, a puberty ceremony.

11. BaMbuti song forms follow which two basic principles of African music?

12. In which countries are the Mande subgroups found?

13. Describe the two main social categories in contemporary Mande societies:

14. What is a “Jali?”

15. What are two differences about music-making between the Mande and the Pygmy society?

16. What are the three main instruments used by the Jali?

17. In which countries can one find the Anlo-Ewe?

18. Describe the political/social organization of the Anlo-Ewe:

19. What are some occasions for performance among the Anlo-Ewe?

20. List the instruments of the Anlo-Ewe drum ensemble:

21. What are the origins of Ghanaian “highlife?”

22. Popular music among the Yoruba of Nigeria is called ________________, and includes the hourglass-shaped ______________________.

23. Which single African style has had the most profound impact within sub-Saharan Africa?

24. What caused urban audiences in Zimbabwe to pay special attention to electric band renditions of Shona village music in the 1970s?

The artist/band most connect with that genre is _______________________________________

25. Discuss the new role of the mbira in Mapfumo’s band:

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