moorpark college child development center https :// www B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

moorpark college child development center https :// www B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

Make a series of visits (minimum of 3 visits for a minimum of 30
minutes each) to any of the following children’s centers. You can make
all 3 visits to the same program or select different centers to compare
and analyze their approach to creativity:

a) CSUN’s own Child & Family Studies Lab School (great choice)

d) The Children’s Center at CalTech (California Institute of

Documentation and Written Evaluation:
All projects require a comprehensive written description and evaluation
integrating research you have conducted and references from our text/s,
posted articles and other resources in addition to any photos or Powerpoint
you may be submitting. The following format should be used:

1. Introduction: give an introduction to your project indicating which
option you have selected. Fully describe the group of children with
whom you worked including number, ages, gender and setting. Describe
your relationship with the children-as a teacher, parent, neighbor etc.
Describe the length of time you worked with the children, for example:
everyday for one week, one hour a day; all day on a Saturday etc.

2. Describe fully your project citing references from the website links for
the option you selected. For example, if you have selected #1 “Emergent
Project with Children” you need to cite references and you may also choose to
document your project through photos and Powerpoint presentation if you
choose to do so.

3. Provide an in-depth evaluation of your project indicating what you
gained/learned from the experience. Examine how the children
reacted, explain any adjustments you made from your original plan,
comment on any readings which were inspiring or helpful to you. What
did you find to me most gratifying about doing the project? What did
you find disappointing? Describe what you would change if you were to
do the project again. Describe how likely you are to implement more
projects like this in the future. Integrate related references from our
texts and other readings to support your ideas throughout your paper.

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