“ meritocratic ” policies given W r i t i n g

“ meritocratic ” policies given W r i t i n g

Part III: Meritocracy/ A Guide for the final weeks of the course

Eight things to read, watch, do/write, or ponder before the end of the course,

more or less in this order, keeping in mind many of these should have already been

completed or started in previous weeks:

Week 8: A Trail of Tiers: Perspectives on Meritocracy

1. Here are the three final essay questions, answered in 6-8 pages, Times New Roman, size 12, double-spaced:

You are asked to write a research and policy brief for the incoming administration set to make several changes to immigration laws. Specifically, you have been hired as a junior analyst for an incoming official and they are asking you to respond to three questions as they seek to do things differently from both Obama and Trump administrations. They also need to be successful in gaining domestic support in a very divided political climate for whatever actions they take.

A. Capitalism: What are some of the key ideas of the social sciences about immigrants that will help rebuild the U.S. economy and how? Are there any theories that help justify expanding our refugee program/intake?

B. Talentism: I understand that folks at Davos (World Economic Forum) are talking about “talentism” replacing capitalism. Can you explain what that is and how immigration policy could put this idea to good use as an insight into the future? Is this an argument for opening borders to talent or building our own? Any downsides?

C. Meritocracy: It seems like more and more books and articles are attacking “meritocracy.” And we recall that Obama used the word many times. The country seems divided over either calling out the incompleteness or falseness of this ideal (Ds) while the other side seems to be saying don’t mess with the meritocracy (Rs) we have even by many who are not doing well under it. In other words, it seems like both sides want it and believe in it but are divided over it. What is a meritocratic policy? Should we have “meritocratic” policies given that everyone wants it, but, on the other hand, it’s very divisive culturally and politically? It seems like immigration reform will have to take on meritocracy idea—what do you suggest?

2. Finish the BBC documentary, “Racism: A History,” episodes 1 and 2.

3. Develop relevant questions and notes from the Goldin readings (first five chapters)

that could be used to answer the essay questions.

Week 9: The Case Ecuador and a Tale of Two Meritocracies

5. Watch and review Meritocracy films and readings from Weeks 8 and 9.

6. Read Kyle Book as directed below.

Tues. Ecuador/ Kyle, Ch. 1, 2

Thu. Ecuador/ Kyle, Ch. 3, 5, 7

Weeks 10: Review

Tues. Catch-up Loose ends and Discussion

Thu. Past, Present, and Future of Meritocracy

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