market research academic circles . see B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

market research academic circles . see B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e


For the first deliverable for the course I want to you cross examine the academic literature on market research with how market research is applied in the business world. Market research is commonly described as the sum total of 5-10 research activities but the state of technology is changing so fast that there are many different ways that companies can conduct market research to help create better companies and solve problems more efficiently.

For this assignment, I want you to first summarize the information you find in a standard Google search for ‘what is market research.’ Here you will generally find the types of research techniques I alluded to above. Often times these results will be sales efforts from technology companies, which is fine. I want you to summarize at least three different sources for this first step.

I then want you to summarize at least three academic papers that contain some discussion of best practices for market research. You may find articles that talk very generally about this, or you may find articles that discuss very specific and/or technical aspects of market research. Either, or both, are fine.

Finally, I want you to find and summarize at least three ways that real companies are conducting market research. Acceptable sources for this will be company blogs, videos from reputable sources, business blogs such as Harvard Business Review, academic institution blogs/websites, etc.

The learning goals of this assignment are:

See what content is available for a ‘regular person,’ such as a business owner, if they were to try and find content on market research.

Get a feel for the kind of discussions happening in market research academic circles.

See how real companies are conducting market research.

Max Length

Three pages max, not including references. See the ‘Submission Instruction’ document for more details.


My main goal with this assignment is to evaluate your writing and ability to quickly and concisely synthesize information. Three pages is not a lot of space for what I’ve asked you to do, so you need to be very concise and get to the point quickly.