many scholarly articles W r i t i n g

many scholarly articles W r i t i n g


Write on the topic below using the attached scholarly article. 

  • Styles of leadership and your organization

Write a short paper (450-600 words) that demonstrates a brief analysis of the scholarly research article you selected.

  • After a brief introductory sentence. Tell whether the title is appropriate to the focus of the study. (Note: select an actual research study; avoid selecting a lecture on a topic. Research studies involve the collection and analysis of data, whereas lectures on a topic typically discuss a variety of research studies and do not provide the details of data collection and analysis.)

• State the problem. Is the problem clearly stated? Does the problem have a theoretical rational? How significant is the problem studied in the research?

• Is there a review of the literature? If so, is the literature relevant? Summarize (in a couple of sentences) the review of the literature.

• Fully and completely describe the research method that was used to attack and answer the problem. Was the research method used to solve the problem qualitative or quantitative, or both? What instruments were used to answer the problem? Was there a sample used? If so, how was the sample selected?

• State the hypothesis/questions or objectives. Were they stated clearly?

• Are there any probable sources of error that might influence the results of the study? If so, have they been controlled?

• What were the statistical or evaluative (quantitative/qualitative) techniques used to analyze the data? If so, were they appropriate? Note: There are many scholarly articles in appropriate journals that inform your topic. However, not all of them will describe research that evaluates data. Make sure that your selected article includes the evaluation/analysis of data. If you are unsure, this is the time to contact your professor and discuss it.

• Summarize the results. How clearly were the results presented?

• What are the limitations of the study? Are they stated?

• Summarize the conclusion(s). Are the conclusions presented clearly? 

Does the data support the conclusions? Does the researcher over generalize the findings?

• How can the results and conclusions presented in this study be applied in your particular field of study or work environment?

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