make distracting english usage skills errors W r i t i n g

make distracting english usage skills errors W r i t i n g

Hello bids, this is english 2 , *Draft Critical Thinking Essay 1: Deductive, Inductive and Abductive Thinking 

This assignment it’s 2 part, first part it’s an 1000 words Essay, about Alvarezes, all the questions, video and grading rubric need for the essay it’s explain under clearly so please make sure you follow the guide. 

second part it’s read other student essay and respond 125 words for each student and total need respond to 4 student. how you respond students essay it’s explain under clearly so please make sure follow the guide. also 4 students (peers) essay it’s attached to files under.

I attached some of files under, please check it out it’s necessary for the assignment and please ask me if u have anything can’t open or have questions about essay.


I have chosen the father-and-son scientists the Alvarezes for you to write about for two reasons.  First, they provide a good introduction to what critical thinking is.  Second, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), which includes world leaders in the the scientific community, is convinced that the Alvarezes engaged in sound scientific thinking in the formation of their theory about how dinosaurs became extinct.  For this reason, NASA has accepted the Alvarezes’ theory as VALID (until and if NASA discovers that it is not valid).

Requirements  for Essays:

1. Do not write online because you may lose your work; write in Word, and then copy and paste your work onto the assignment screen. 

2.  Do NOT attach your work.  You are participating in a discussion, and your work must be visible to peers; they should not have to download your work.  Attached work will NOT be downloaded and evaluated.

3.  Use Times-New Roman font in size 12 with black type.

4.  Do NOT write a Five-Paragraph Essay; write an essay with a variety of paragraphs, as in the Chapter 1 and Chapter 3 essays in our textbook THIS LITTLE BOOK About How to Write a College-Level Essay (Links to an external site.).  

5. Quote sources per assignment directions.

6.  Use the first-person singular judiciously (Links to an external site.).  See: (Links to an external site.).

Please make sure don’t mix the part 1 and part 2 of the assignment !

Part 1: Essay 

1.  Read about deductive, inductive and abductive thinking HERE (Links to an external site.).

2.  Then, read about the father-and-son scientists Luis and Walter Alvarez HERE (Links to an external site.).

3. Finally, in a 1,000-word (four page) essay, explain what the Alvarezes’ theory is, what kind of thought process they used to develop this theory (deductive, inductive or abductive), and whether it’s possible that their theory is based on this fallacy (Links to an external site.): Post Hoc, Ergo Propter Hoc (Links to an external site.)?  In your conclusion, tell us about what kind of thought process you engaged in during the development of your thesis (opinion about the overall topic): inductive, deductive or abductive?

Quoting: Quote at least once from each of the sources in the links above, in numbers 1, 2 and 3.  If you choose, you may also quote from another source or sources of your choice.

Grading discussion rubric :

An “A” discussion essay …

1.     Supports thoughts and ideas about the text(s) by …

a.     Providing interesting insights to and interpretations of the text(s)

b.     Demonstrating an excellent factual knowledge of the text(s).

c.      Quoting ably from the text(s) in mostly correct MLA format.

d.     Using textual terms and related vocabulary with few, if any, errors.

2.     Provides meaningful, constructive feedback to two peers in peer evaluations by …

a.     Showing empathy/compassion for peers’ feelings.

b.     Demonstrating that peers’ thoughts/ideas have been considered.

3.     Does not make distracting English usage skills errors: errors that prevent the reader from focusing on content.

4.     Does not plagiarize.

Please make sure don’t mix the part 1 and part 2 of the assignment, please make different page for part 2! 

Part 2:  Peer Evaluations  

Respond to 4 of your peers’ postings;  –> four of peers posting it’s attached to files under !!

write 125 words (a half-page) for each response, for a total of 500 words (two pages). 

How should you respond? 

Compare your peers’ thinking regarding this assignment to your own thinking; in each evaluation, quote your peer briefly, agreeing or disagreeing with how he or she thinks, and provide logical reasons as to why, but be respectful, compassionate and courteous.  And … if someone evaluates your work, respond!  In your response, don’t just write “thank you for evaluating my work” or something like that–demonstrate that you have read the evaluation and considered it carefully.  

IMPORTANT:  In the discussion thread below your essay, respond to everyone who evaluates your essay, including your instructor–and be sure to answer any questions and complete any tasks your instructor gives you.