major league baseball statisticsthis site contains major league baseball statistics H e a l t h M e d i c a l

major league baseball statisticsthis site contains major league baseball statistics H e a l t h M e d i c a l

Review the discussion requirements.

In the discussion for this unit, you will investigate different numerical measures for describing data. You will use the Excel spreadsheet given in the instructions below to perform these calculations.

Post 1: Initial Response

Choose one of the links to locate a data set or create your own by finding a set of data. For this discussion, your data set must be quantitative. If you choose a data set that has two variables, you may use one variable for this discussion, and in an upcoming unit (Unit 4), you may use both variables. Some good sites to obtain data are:
Once on this site, there is a search bar that will automatically populate categories for some data sets. You can also type in your own category for the data you are interested in.

Major League Baseball Statistics
This site contains Major League Baseball statistics.

Pro Football Reference
This site contains professional football statistics.

In addition to the sites above, you can use the internet to create your own set of data. Some other ideas for data sets include:

  • Prices of homes for sale in your town or city
  • Costs of flights by one airline to different locations
  • Interest rates from banks
  • Distances to favorite vacation destinations, or distances of brightest stars
  • Numbers of letters in words used for a spelling contest
  • Enrollment rates at a college or university
  • Prices of cars at a dealership

There is no end to the list of possible data sets for this activity, so get creative! Whichever dataset you use, be sure to include a description or reference of where you found the data.

Be sure your data set includes more than 25 data items, but less than 40 data items. If you locate a data set that has more than 40 items, you may choose to use any number of items between 25 and 40. If your chosen data set includes 25 or fewer data items, you may make up enough or repeat some of the items to have more than 25 data items. Enter the data into this spreadsheet (also located in Course Resources). Post your data into column B to show the calculations for the mean, median, mode, and standard deviation.

For your post, name the population which this data set represents. Which measure of center (mean, median, or mode) best represents your data? Explain why you think so. Remember to attach your Excel spreadsheet to your discussion post.

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