little red riding hood B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

little red riding hood B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

It was around lunchtime and Little Red Riding Hood was walking through the woods to go to grandma’s house when she encountered the Three Bears’ home. The Three Bears were visiting Mr. Bear’s mother for the day and were not home. Little Red knocked on the door and when no one answered seeing that the door was slightly ajar she pushed it open and entered. Because she was so hungry and tired she decided to help herself to some food. She also made a small fire to sit by as she ate her food. After she finished eating, she decided to take a twenty minute nap in one of the beds. An hour later, Little Red woke up and decided she should leave. As she was walking out the door, she noticed $20 sitting on a table and took it. She saw a picture of the Three Bears and threw the napkin she was holding at the picture, hitting Papa Bear in the face.

Little Red continued her journey to grandma’s house and then encountered Mr. Big Bad Wolf. Wolf noticed that Little Red was carrying a basket and asked her if she needed any help. Little Red declined. He then inquired as to where she was going, in which she replied, “To see granny of course!” Wolf told Little Red she should pick granny some beautiful flowers before she arrived. He said his house was made out of straw and would be the first house she encountered on her way to grandma’s house and that she could pick some flowers from his garden. Wolf then left, intending to go to grandma’s house before Little Red arrived.

Ten minutes later, Little Red saw the straw house and went to the garden to pick some flowers. Unbeknown to her, Little Pig was the owner and not Wolf. Little Pig was visiting his brothers and helping them build a house of bricks. He did not know that Little Red was on his property. While Little Red was picking flowers, Wolf knocked on grandma’s door. Grandma did not hear him because she was sound asleep. Wolf opened the door, entered, and saw a jacket hanging on the coat rack. He thought that was a nice jacket and decided to take it. As he was leaving, he accidentally knocked over the candle that was burning on the table. A fire started. Grandma woke up five minutes when the fire grew bigger and climbed out of the window. Grandma’s house was destroyed and she no longer could print her $10 bills in the basement that she was using to buy her groceries.

What torts and/or crimes, if any, were committed by Little Red Riding Hood?

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