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library resources https :// cccconfer H u m a n i t i e s

So far, we have learned many new things about our society. We have learned how sociologist think about the social world and human behavior. In addition, we also learned about inequalities that have contributed to many social problems affecting our society today. One of the benefits of learning about these issues is that we can become empower to do something to change society for the better. Your final project is focused on imagining a better society. You are an agent of change, which means that you have the power to change your community and society. You just have to believe and imagine it.

The final project will require to use your imagination to think about a change you would like to see around you and create a presentation on it. Please follow the following steps to complete your final project.

  1. Think about a positive social change you would like to see in your community, country, or the world. You can think about the topics you learned in previous chapters, (example: end colorism, reform school curriculum, stop the sexist images of women, stop consumerism, save the planet, etc).
  2. Conduct a small research on your topic to justify why your social movement is needed.
  3. You will create a presentation where you will pitch your social movement to me. You will have the freedom to pick how you want to present your social movement (e.g PowerPoint, video, posterboard, flyer, music video, or a combination). Your presentation must include the following information:
    1. Introduce your Social Movement. Be creative! You will need at least three of the following elements
      • Social Movement Sign/Symbol
      • A color for your movement,
      • A hashtag
      • A song or chant
      • A flag
    2. Why is your social movement needed today? Here this is where you will add the data supporting your movement.
    3. How is your social movement going to change your community, your country or the world for the better?
      • Explain how your movement will makes us better people, community and/or world.
      • You can do a motivational speech to convince me to donate to your cause or join your movement.

Please take your time and get creative. There are no minimum slides. You need to make sure to include all of the elements in your presentation to receive all of the points. You will be graded on the quality of your presentation. Please invest time and energy so that you can receive all of the points.

If you have any questions, I will be holding zoom meetings during the last two weeks of the semester to help you.

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