letters ). question mark ¿ alt 168exclamation point ¡ alt 173or visit F o r e i g n L a n g u a g e s

letters ). question mark ¿ alt 168exclamation point ¡ alt 173or visit F o r e i g n L a n g u a g e s

COMPOSICIÓN – español 1121

Melanys Torres, here you will write an original composition to talk about an episode of your life and you will narrate it in past tense (using preterit and imperfect). To make it easier, go to: https:/vocaroo.com where you will record yourself as you read the written composition . Once you are done, just add the link of the recording to your paper, it will look like this (hear the example): https://voca.ro/1c7UYkCd2YWQ

Here you submit the written part. You ARE NOT to write it with bullet points answering the questions.

Honor code on compositions:

Please remember that when you write your composition you are not permitted to seek assistance of other people to write it for you or of computerized language software programs to translate what you write in English. You are expected to use the vocabulary and grammar appropriate to your Spanish level class. Online language translators cannot possibly know the vocabulary we have been studying, nor the basic grammar of our class. It will inevitably suggest complex grammar like conditional, subjunctive, etc. which will constitute an immediate red flag. The instructor will assign a zero grade in this case. Please use your ebook to guide you!

If you are a Spanish native speaker, or know advanced grammar, try to keep your presentation to this 1121 level so that another student could understand what you are saying, it will help you learn more about your own language.And most importantly; type it in Word and run the spell-check in Spanish. It will help you considerably.

For proper punctuation and accents:

Alt Codes for Accent Marks

  • Make sure that NumLock is on.
  • Hold down the key and enter for example the number 130 for é (where the numbers refer to those on the number pad, not those above the letters).

Question mark ¿ ALT 168

Exclamation point ¡ ALT 173

OR visit this website to type your document:

Copy and paste it later.


Please type your document in Word, use the spelling check AFTER selecting the Spanish Language.

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