least one problem solving method W r i t i n g

least one problem solving method W r i t i n g

we are group of 6 members, when you write the requirements below write as i’m talking how the learning during the group. Also attached the Textbook that you going to use

This third reflection log should address the following questions:

1. Meetings. Based on what you have learned about planning and conducting meetings, how effective would you say your team meetings have been and what do you think you could do to make them even better? Use Chapter 11 to guide your response.

2. Leadership. Does your team have a leader? If so, were they appointed or have they emerged? Describe this process. Because leadership is a behavior, everyone on the team can and should exhibit leadership. What types of power have some of your team members exhibited? Use Chapter 5 to guide your response.

3. Decision Making. Focusing on one decision your team has made, explain the process your team followed to make this decision. Describe at least one problem solving method or strategy your team followed. Use Chapter 9 to guide your response.

4. Goals. Describe the specific goals you set for yourselves when you began this project (pages 26 & 27), any changes you have made as you progressed, and what you have left to do.

NOTE: As you write your papers, be sure to make direct reference to specific concepts from the text (relevant chapters and page numbers should be provided) and to use relevant, detailed examples from your experiences within your team. It is important that you fully develop your ideas. When you assert something to be so, be sure to provide explanatory detail and examples to support your assertion. Show that you have put self-reflective thought and concentrated effort into each reflection log.

Please remember that these papers are completely confidential; they will be seen by no one other than you, me and anyone with whom you wish to share them. In light of that fact, you are encouraged to be completely honest about what you are experiencing and feeling while you are working with your team(s). What you tell me stays between us and will have absolutely no impact (positive or negative) on the grade of any other member of your team. Please keep in mind, however, that I want you to share at least some of the content of these papers in order to contribute to the overall content of your final presentation as well as to facilitate open, honest, directed communication between team members about individual experiences within your team.

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