least four assigned course readings L a w

least four assigned course readings L a w

This exam will consist of ONE PAPER and ONE, 1-page POLICY BRIEF.

A policy brief is a summary of an issue with specific recommendations on how to solve the issue. The intended audience is government policymakers, therefore your recommendations should be specific and persuasive. This brief should be ONE page and visually appealing. See below the attached examples.

Policy Brief example1.png

Policy Brief Example2.jpg

Paper: The paper should include the three sections below (4-5 total pages). Minimum page numbers for each section are listed below.

Scholarly Article Analysis: Choose and investigate one specific problem in the criminal justice system that was covered this semester. For example, you can focus on disparities in plea bargaining based on race or challenges faced by organizations involved in community corrections in integrating and helping people desist from crime. Find 3-4 scholarly, sociological or criminological articles to explore how the field has/is discussing this problem. You may also use no more than two websites that might shed additional, more current information about your chosen problem. In your paper, answer the following:

Based on your information, define the problem. How has the field of sociology/criminology define the problem? What is the perception of society regarding this problem? How is this problem connected to other facets of the criminal justice system? Why should we care about this problem? In other words how does it affect both the individuals who are a part of the system (criminals and those employed by the system) and the rest of societal/community members? (1 page)

Theory/Reading Application: What readings or information gathered this semester can you use to frame and understand this problem? Taking all the information gathered, how might you more critically analyze the issue, as well as the reason and drive to solve it? Explain, integrate, and apply at least FOUR assigned course readings (2-3 pages). I expect you to use specific points made by various authors. Use appropriate citations, including page numbers. You will be tested on how well you convey the reading material and how effectively you apply it to the new information gathered from your investigation.

Recommendations: This section should clearly lay out the goals and specific steps that need to be addressed in order to solve the identified problem above. Clearly describe your intended audience for which these directives are intended (1 page).

Policy Brief: Once you have completed the paper addressing each bullet point above, you must then create a one-page policy brief that pulls from the points made in your paper. This should be a quick guide to the issues and solutions mentioned and be visually appealing as to attract those who you believe hold the power to solve the problem. See examples in blackboard.