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least five specific core values present B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

With this project, the student has the ability to be creative and autonomous as long as the requirements of each section are met. The document is due to the instructor in the correct drop box by the due date shown in the Blackboard calendar. The first slide should include student name(s), ID number(s), and due date. The last slide should include websites used in gathering your information to include the textbook. No late assignments will be accepted.

Remember to complete this assignment as you would in a real business setting. Allow enough time for the completed project to be reviewed prior to the due date. Minimal clip art is permissible but do not overuse. Ensure that your font size and background color are legible to the intended audience. In the real-business world, a presentation should not be read and each slide should not be overcrowded. Remember, the instructor is available to discuss any questions you may have about this assignment.

Select one a below referenced industry to use for this project.





Information Technology


  • Etc.

Initially, search websites of several companies in the selected industry for company statements about corporate culture. This is for informational purposes only and is not to be copied and pasted into your individual project. Second, select an organization that you would like to emulate. Pay close attention to key phrases such as “corporate culture” or “corporate values”.

(1)Create an organization based on the industry chosen. This section requires having upper, middle-level, and lower-level managers. These managers must be identified in the project. There should also be a list of the Board of Directors (not the same people who are your upper level managers). (4-5 slides)

(2)Select or create an artifact(s) that represents your organization and discuss how the artifact reflects the organization. (2 slides)

(3)Create a mission statement of twenty-five words or less for the created organization. Ensure this mission statement defines what makes this organization stand out from competitors. This section should include statistics, how the organization is funded, how long it has been in business, the population served, and any other pertinent information that is appealing to the reader or possible business partner. The information needs to be realistic and may also include a vision statement. (2-3 slides)

(4)Provide 1 slide that inform the reader as to the purpose of the organization.

(5)What values will dominate the corporate culture of this organization? Please be sure the project includes at least five specific core values present at its inception. (2-3 slides)

(6)Expanding globally; what new territory would you consider and why (You do not have to go overseas or across the border into a new country. You can expand to the different part of the state, southeast region, another geographic region (southwest, pacific coast, northwest etc., another state, or another city)? How do you foresee the ability to earn revenue from this global business transaction? What’s the difference between the Columbus, GA Market and the new territory for global expansion? What new products or services you want to market in the new territory? What will be your new target market? Or will you go after the same demographics in your new territory? (Minimum of four slides here.)

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