law enforcement officers must assume L a w

law enforcement officers must assume L a w

Topic: Causes and impact of the _New Mexico State Penitentiary _ Prison Riot/Disturbance

Writing and research is an essential part of law enforcement.  All law enforcement officers must assume that their reports are reviewed by their supervisors, the courts, regulatory agencies, and even the press. This writing assignment is designed to aid you in developing analytical and writing skills.

Although the Research Paper is based upon the collective information learned during the course Module 8: Jails and Prisons: An Explosive Environment provides the foundation and unique insights into the causes of, what happens during, and the aftermath of prison riots. Using the Who, What, When, Where, How, and Why formula students are to:

1) Describe the events leading up to the riot,

2) Identify what happened during the riot,

3) Explain its impact on the facility, staff, and inmates,

4) Denote identifiable lessons that should be learned from the event that could prevent additional disturbances, riots, or hostage situations, and

5) Evaluate the riot’s impact on the correctional system as a whole. It is strongly suggested that students review Module 8 and incorporate information and concepts such as: 

Question #5 includes 8 (a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h) sub questions that can be used as an outline for the entire paper.  5 (h) is important.  The question asks what YOU would have done if YOU were the administrator prior to the event or as the administrator responsible for the recovery process.   

a) The “Precipitating Event” or Explosive Event

b) Was it a “Planned” or “Unplanned Disturbance” or a combination and why.

c) How Staff Organized and What was their initial and subsequent response?

d) What type of Organizational Structure did the inmates form; it any?

e) What type of approach was used to Confront the inmates and why was that approach used?

f) How was the event Terminated?

g) Compare, if possible, the administration’s or investigative authorities

h) Explanation for the Causes and that of the inmates. Include concepts such as public safety, Constitutional issues, Using Federal Emergency Management and State Emergency Management tools such as Mitigation, Preparedness, Response, and Recovery explain how you, as a senior correctional administrator, would have responded to prevent, prepare, respond, and/or to recover from this event.

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