keizer university virtual library primarily W r i t i n g

keizer university virtual library primarily W r i t i n g

Preparation and delivery of the annotated bibliography

In the second week they will work with the documentary sources for the investigation and will write the annotated bibliography in which they include no less than 5 academic sources that they will use in their research.

An annotated bibliography comprises the articles considered most relevant to the interests of the research work.

The bibliographic references follow the APA model format and are accompanied by a content analysis through which a general idea of the content of the selected articles and their usefulness for the study topic is offered. (Check in Additional Resources the sample template for working with this second stage and see examples of this type of annotated bibliography)

To search for sources, use the Keizer University virtual library primarily.

You should locate and record citations from books, magazines, and documents that may contain useful information and ideas on the subject.

Next, you must select the sources that deal with the study of the particular topic and those that offer different perspectives on it.

It is necessary to register the book, article or document according to the rules of the APA style.

It is essential to write a concise annotation that summarizes the central theme and importance of the book or article.

It is convenient to include one or more sentences that evaluate the authority of the author on the subject of study, that compares or contrasts the text with another that has been cited, and that explains how this work is relevant to the problem under study.

Total words: minimum of 250 words.

Grade: 100 points, 15% of the final grade.

Important: Any assignment that is not original and is a partial or total copy of some other source will receive zero (o) as a grade.

The following sources will not be accepted for the bibliography list:


Bum corner

Any source obtained from a general internet search.

Use information services with sufficient rigor and credibility.

The work must be submitted using the APA template.

They should follow the order that I show them in the example Template for this stage that they will find in Start Here / Additional Resources.

It is extremely important to complete each stage of the project in the time indicated.