judges make policy decisions H u m a n i t i e s

judges make policy decisions H u m a n i t i e s

I’m working on a political science test / quiz prep and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

How will authorities claim to be legitimate in the following regimes? Justify your answers in one paragraph for each case.

    1. A monarchy that proclaims to be guided by religious values;
    2. A liberal democracy with stable governments and a socialist prime minister;
    3. A military dictatorship that runs a developmental type of state.

You are running for prime minister in a liberal democratic regime of the consociational type in the midst of an economic crisis characterized by high rates of inflation and poverty. Public opinion is fragmented about how to organize the economy and what role the state should have. What would you propose in order to maximize your share of the vote? Please justify your answer.A coalition government between conservatives and liberals has taken power in an underdeveloped country right after the declaration of independence. The government wants to secure its legitimacy and the stability of its regime. What type of regime would you advise the government to establish? What cultural policies would you recommend the government to follow? Please justify your answers.

  1. Can elites build a democratic nation? If so, how? Please justify your answers and provide examples.


  1. How influential are business interest groups and unions in the following situations? Justify your answers in one paragraph for each case.
      1. A dominant-party system;
      2. A multiparty system;
      3. A two-party system.


  1. You are the prime minister in a liberal democratic regime with a multiparty system in the midst of a pandemic. Public opinion is polarized about how to respond to the crisis. You have no expertise in medical issues or health policy. How would you organize the decision-making process within the executive branch? What institutional tools would you employ to have your policy adopted? Please justify your answers


  1. You are adviser to a young and ambitious legislator from an industrial district in a liberal democracy with a two-party system. Your boss wants to become minister in the central government. What steps would you suggest your boss to follow within the legislature in order to attain his career objective? Please justify your answer.


  1. How can judges make policy decisions? How can these decisions be reversed?

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