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implement consistent management cooperative discipline intervention O t h e r

research proposal. 

Technology Addressing Lack of Enough Medical Practitioners in Community Proposal

Here is the other work I have posted on the previous topics in this class..                   LACK OF ENOUGH MEDICAL PRACTITIONERS IN THE COMMUNITY  2 Lack of Enough Medical Practitioners in the Community  Introduction Medical practitioners play a key role in society. The specialists are required to handle different medical issues in society. For example, there are specialists who handle problems related to children, women, and different people in the society. It is important to ensure that each group of people in society is properly attended to. However, in many cases, there are not enough medical practitioners to handle different health issues. It forces some people to suffer due to lack of proper attention including causing death to some (Dunbabin & Levitt, 2003). The research in this paper was done to note the different problems that people face in society in regards to health. The research also aimed to know the group of people who lacked proper medical care and the impacts of that. In doing so, it helped in understanding the number of physicians and medical practitioners within the regions of the United States of America.      Literature Review According to the research conducted, several groups of people in the society suffered psychologically due to lack of proper medical attention. Some of the groups affected by the lack of enough practitioners included pregnant women and women. Research showed that the high mortality rate in women was as a result of lack of specialized medical treatment. In some areas, it took long to be attended by a specialist (Rauch, & Berkowitz, 2012). It was because of few practitioners who were required to serve many people within a few hours. In such centers, a patient could take even two hours in the queue waiting to be attended. In such a case, it was exceedingly difficult for medical specialists to handle emergencies (Dunbabin & Levitt, 2003). Some patients were also forced to go home unattended. The cases were most dominant in the rural areas.           LACK OF ENOUGH MEDICAL PRACTITIONERS IN THE COMMUNITY  3 Research also indicated that in some area, there were few medical centers. The hospitals and clinics that were present were miles away from the communities. It would therefore cost many patients travel a little more to get medical attention. From the research, it was discovered that not all families would be able to travel on daily basis to seek medical help. In such locations, there were also no medical practitioners who offered mobile services (Joyce, McNeil, & Stoelwinder, 2006). It therefore compromised the availability of services. Most patients fell ill and remained in their homes due to a lack of services and finances. The frequency of visiting the medical centers in a day was high according to the research. Apart from those patients who went home unattended, there were many others who were referred to other hospitals for specialized treatment. The main reason for this was not lacking facilities, but it was lack of the personnel to operate the machines (MacDowell, Glasser, Fitts, Nielsen, & Hunsaker, 2010). In many rural medical centers, the medics available were not fully equipped to handle different types of machines that would help in saving life despite the apparatus being provided by the government. Views from patients and residents showed a feeling of dissatisfaction with how the government was distributing resources in different regions. It was noted that the government was not fair in all instances. The issues of lack of enough medics, unqualified staff, and improper attendance were witnessed in some regions that were poorly developed and away from the city. The rural areas were neglected. It is the same regions that did not receive drugs and other apparatus in time (Orleans, George, Houpt, & Brodie, 1985). From the research, most specialists were distributed in the urban areas. Major towns and cities did not complain of poor attendance by health specialists. The women and child mortality rate in the city was lower than that in the rural areas. Most cities had prompt medical  LACK OF ENOUGH MEDICAL PRACTITIONERS IN THE COMMUNITY  4 services that included hotline numbers to reach the specialists within minutes. The availability of services in the city and in the rural areas were not the same. The findings from different researchers all came to the same conclusion. A need to improve health services in the rural areas was crucial. Some of the impacts of the lack of proper services in the rural areas would be avoided (Sheikh-Mohammed, MacIntyre, Wood, Leask, & Isaacs, 2006). The government has a key role in ensuring that there is equal distribution of medical practitioners both in the rural and urban regions. By doing so, the lives of the people would be changed in diverse ways and the struggle to find medical services would be reduced (Poghosyan, Lucero, Rauch, & Berkowitz, 2012). It is important to note that most patients undergo a lot of mental torture in cases where they are not able to get the right services. Therefore, it happens that people are affected by stress and illness affecting. Increase in the number of qualified medical practitioners especially in the rural area can help in the improvement of medical services (Vincent, C., & Furnham, 1996). Most of all, it can help in ensuring pregnant women deliver well and the health of the young born children is properly maintained. The issue of lack of medical practitioners has affected many regions but can be done away with through the proper channels. WC: 899Another would be this essay…    Research Design In this research, the research design that was used includes experimental and descriptive types of research designs. It is important to note that the process of determining if supportive-excessive group psychotherapy helps women with metastatic breast cancer be able to cope up with depression and stress. These two types will help us get the required real data with regard to the problem in question. This is something that requires a piece of accurate information that would be able to help us find out if these two conditions will help such women cope with the situation. Setting This research is entirely overly sensitive and therefore, it requires a piece of much more accurate information. The research should be conducted online using survey research. It is indeed hard to manually look for those women suffering from the condition (Metastatic breast cancer) and therefore, through a survey that is done online will help in the process of accessing these women and in turn provide the required information that will be entirely useful in the process of providing us with the true picture of research. In fact, this is a kind of condition that is dangerous when it comes to its last stages therefore, if it not taken seriously, and the solutions are not found concerning the problem in question then it will not be helpful at all. Therefore, a questionnaire is supposed to be designed that would help in the process of gathering the information online. The targeted population is those respective women who have been victims and have since recovered from the condition or those who are still victims and battling with the same conditions.  Participants The population that this research is going to sample includes those women who have been victims of the condition of metastatic breast cancer previously. The fundamental reason as to why this could be the best population to give us the required answers, we need is that they have the experience required and at least they can be able to provide the true information with regards to whether they were able to cope up with the stresses and depression. For each comparison of the information provided, a considerable number of participants are required. In fact, 100 participants would be able to provide the required information that can at least provide a true picture of the question that is being investigated here. It would, however, be hard to find that number but still being optimistic to get that number as the target population will be the right thing to do. The eligibility requirement for the study is obvious that the participant must at least be or have been victims of the metastatic breast cancer condition. The reason this is important is that these are the only people who can be able to provide the true information that is required for us to get the right answers and make the research study a success. If any kind of participant is chosen regardless of being a victim or not would not be able to guarantee the best-required information that is being sought for by the research paper.    The kind of sampling that would be used in the study is purposive sampling and the primary reason is so that we need extremely specific participants who have previously been in one way or the other had experience as far as the condition is concerned. At least, these are the kind of people who will provide the true information that would be required to give us the answers required in the process of helping the future women who may also be involved in the same and at least be given the required counseling that would help them cope up with stress and depression (Marshall, 1996). Measure The variables of the study include depression and the stress associated with women who have metastatic breast cancer. As previously indicated, a questionnaire would have to be prepared and purposely presented to the women who have had the experience previously. Therefore, the measure that would be used for the variable is the interview. Through the questionnaire presented, all the women would be required to be interviewed and their respective responses would be analyzed and documented. This is the only sure way to present the true picture of the information that is provided by the participants.  A questionnaire should be created in such a way that it seeks to extract the most valuable information about the problem in question.       Procedure Primarily, data would have to be collected. The only sure way this data would be collected is by interviewing those women who have been victims or who are victims. The reason this is important is that they are the right people with the required information for the study. One of the ways that this sample can be obtained is by an online survey. This is where it be found and those who have experience of metastatic breast cancer would be required to provide the information that would be asked in the questionnaire that is provided. Data would have to be collected through the questionnaire that is presented online. The questionnaire will contain all the required questions that will help us in the process of getting the data we need in the study. After our target sample, I.e., 100 participants have answered and responded to the questionnaire, then the next thing that would be done is to analyze every single piece of information that is provided as far as every single question is concerned.          Limitations of the Study One of the limitations of this study is that it is population specific. As aforementioned, this research study is targeting all those women who have previously been victims or who are victims of metastatic breast cancer. These are the only people who can provide the required data in the process of getting the right solution to the problem in question. The other limitation is the fact that there is a data limitation. This is true because in fact, the data that one would want to get may not get because there are those who may in one way reason or the other try to give false information that is not related to the experience required. In other words, there are those who may decide to pretend to have been victims. This means that they do not have the required experience and they will go ahead and provide the information anyway. In so doing, we will end up getting inaccurate information that may mislead the findings.      Ethical Consideration Research takes human subjects very seriously. This means that no single human being would be forced to be able to take part in the research study. All the participants would have to participant out of their own free will (Dich, McKee & Porter, 2013). The second ethical consideration is the fact that all those who would have provided the information that would be needed in the questionnaire, their respective views and information would be treated very confidential, and anonymity will be taken very seriously. 

This was the first one I wrote in this class. Please help! Due by Saturday at midnight. PART A Educators and teachers often deal with behavioral challenges and discipline issues of students in the school setting. Research provides evidence that poor behaviors are increasingly becoming a challenge to school districts. There is a high rate of suspensions, expulsions, and discipline referrals and most schools struggle with these issues. Poor behaviors can disrupt the learning environment and school climate. So, this can be a research problem. An intervention for reducing these disruptive behaviors can be decided and you could study the effects of an intervention like positive behaviors and intervention supports (PBIS intervention) on reducing the discipline issues in schools. Research Questions based on this problem can be- What is the effectiveness of PBIS intervention (widely used in U.S.) in reducing the disturbing behaviors? To what extent can we apply this intervention in schools? Hypothesis can be formulated based on questions- 1) To implement Consistent Management Cooperative Discipline intervention and evaluate its impact on the disruptive behaviors in students at school. 2) There will be no difference in the discipline issues in the experimental group (exposed to intervention) and control group (did not receive any intervention for discipline issues). PART 2 The Institutional Review Board (IRB) protects the laws and rights of individuals during the research process. The research should not cause any harm to the participants. Concerning the research question, following this can be ethics- Informed Consent- The students and teachers can be informed about the purpose of study. It is important to obtain their consent. Informed consent form was given to students prior to study to obtain their consent regarding their participation in the study. Debriefing- It is also essential to debrief them about the study that is tell them about the procedures used in the study. Withdrawal from investigation- Students and teachers can withdraw from the study any time. Protection of Participants- All measures would be taken to protect the school staff and students from any physical or mental harm. 

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