hess et al ., 2014 H u m a n i t i e s

hess et al ., 2014 H u m a n i t i e s

Please read and summarize Force and Coercion Use the reading worksheet to summarize the reading.  Upload your summary to Blackboard.Please use Microsoft Word to save your document.  Blackboard does not accept Google docs or Apple Pages.  If you use Docs or Pages, you must convert the file to pdf before uploading it to Blackboard. For this first part please use the reading worksheet attached 

What is the difference between use of force and police brutality.  Do you think it can ever be justified? What effect generally does the use of force or brutality have on a community?Please answer the question from the perspective of standards in your neighborhood.  Please respond to two of your classmates.

First Peer: The primary difference between the use of force and police brutality is that the use of force by a police officer is legal as the action is aimed at protecting other individuals from injury or death, while police brutality is the unlawful abuse of the capacity to use force as an officer. I believe that the use of force by the police is justified if it is done to protect the public from dangerous criminal offenders. However, this does not mean that a police officer can use unnecessary or excessive force when dealing with civilians who do not pose any danger to themselves or other people, as this amounts to police brutality. The unlawful abuse of the capacity to use force as a police officer or brutality has immense effects on a community. For instance, actions of brutality result in physical harm or killing/murder of innocent people within the community. Additionally, police brutality results in “false imprisonment of innocent people” (Hess et al., 2014)

Second Peer: Use of force is only used for specific situations such as self-defense or against other people in the situation. Police Brutality on the other hand is extreme force against a person in a situation mostly unnecessary. In my neighborhood we really haven’t had any police brutality going on because of what’s going on today. I don’t believe police brutality can ever be justified because it’s specifically targeted to African American People in situations where extreme force was unnecessary and police officers seen nothing wrong with it, with everything going on today involving police I don’t think it can ever be justified. Police Brutality have a bad effect on communities because it’s killing people during the situation in which the extreme force is being used and it’s not making our community feel safer by the police. Our community doesn’t feel protected and safe because of the innocent killings that is going on by officers.

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