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Letter to the president of SDSU

Write a one page, typed, double-spaced letter to the president of SDSU, Dr. Adela de la Torre. Your topic is the U.S. university education system.

In the first paragraph, use “logical probability” and “prediction” modals to explain the needs of the U.S. university education system.

In the second paragraph, use “making requests” modals and “giving advice” modals to suggest ways SDSU might help make positive changes to the current system.

Making requests

General nature requestsspecific requests for permissionmost diplomatic



Giving Advice

Degree of authority or urgency

You must see a doctor.high

You (should/ought to) see a doctor.

You (might/could) see a doctorlow

Negative adviceDegree of negativity

You (had) better/best not say thing like that.Strong negative advice

You ought not (to) say thinks like that. (rare)

You shouldn’t say things like that.

You’re not supposed to say things like that.

You don’t (have/need) to say things like that.Weak negative advice.

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