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help either rob parson B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

Please make an original post based on the following role assignment:

You are a coach retained by Morgan Stanley to help either Rob Parson or Paul Nasr (your choice which one).  The objective of this coaching assignment is to help Rob or Paul with his transition when he was initially hired at Morgan Stanley. You are part of an cadre of external coaches commissioned by Morgan Stanley, all of whom have NDAs, but are authorized to speak openly within the cadre regarding your coaching engagements for the purpose of shared learning and collective support of those you coach.  Make an initial post to the coaching cadre of fellow coaches describing your coaching plan in terms of models,  theories, and/or approaches you would take.  This may include, but not limited to any of the following: MBTI, Competing Values Framework, Goal Setting Theory, Ladder of Inference, Double Loop Learning, the Speed of Trust model,  and/or any other models theories pertinent to the case.  Your fellow coaches know these models and, therefore, you may move directly to meaningful discussions on the subject of helping your assigned coaching recipient (i.e., Rob or Paul). The original post should not be longer than 800 words.

In addition to you original post, which should follow the five-paragraph format described in #2 below rubric.

The rubric for the discussion board assignment is broken into four parts.

Educational Quality – This looks at the engaging quality of the post, how well thinking is stimulated, effect illustrations concepts, and/or additional resources leveraged to present perspective.  keep in mind, you are the educator in a discussion post context.

Writing – This factors in the quality and organization writing.  Should be appropriate in form and function for a graduate course.  It should feature a brief introduction (aimed to hook the reader), body/theme paragraphs (2-5 content rich paragraphs on relevant themes), and a conclusion that synthesizes and presents the so what of the post.

  1. Content – This looks at the adeptness at using the theoretical tools and depth of understanding of the content covered.

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