health care work force create teamwork problems among health care staff W r i t i n g

health care work force create teamwork problems among health care staff W r i t i n g

The standards for the interpreter role in healthcare are guidelines that define what they are to do in the role, and what skills are needed in the role. When becoming an interpreter, they will be well rounded on serving the patients from meeting these guidelines. They will be held to give the patients the same standard of care the nurses or doctors are but on an interpreter level. According, to the standards, an interpreter will be knowledgeable, well verse in communication dynamics, professional ethics, know different ways to communicate all types of messages, know healthcare system and culture as well as protocols that all pertain to the interpreter role.

  • Name several situations in which a family member might be inclined to edit the information the patient gives to a doctor or nurse. By a clinician to a patient? Why would this be a problem?

Some situations where the family members may try to edit the information given to doctors or nurses would be:

  • The emergency contact person is not a true emergency contact person, so it edited and changed to who the family wants it to be instead of the patient.
  • The situation where the patient information may affect their personal or professional life in some manner that the family sees the healthcare professionals don’t need to know it.
  • The situation where a Do no resuscitate order is involved and the family does not agree so they change the documents.
  • The clinician can change a patient chart at any time for modifying, editing, adding or deleting diagnosis, treatment, medicines etc.

All of these are problematic due to it not having autonomy for the patient, and falsify records is against the law as well as doesn’t help more doctors to help the patient if they need to move their records for any reason.

  • Why would the diversity of languages spoken by persons within the health care work force create teamwork problems among health care staff? What language etiquette could ease interpersonal and professional issues caused by multiple languages spoken by workforce members?

“Language barriers cause problematic safety and quality of care issues in sometimes critical and life-threatening circumstances; hence, it is not surprising that failure to provide adequate language access services may result in medical malpractice cases” (Dreachslin, 2012, p. 265). This draws teamwork within the healthcare field because everyone wants to give the patients quality care and get them to feel comfortable and better quickly which makes them work as a team to make sure the patients have the communication that is needed from whoever can get them to understand it. In my opinion, out of all etiquette that can be given to one another for language barriers to be ease, the best one is to provide signage and written materials in appropriate languages that are commonly spoken in the area and have patients.

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