harings iconic posters use simple cartoon figures W r i t i n g

harings iconic posters use simple cartoon figures W r i t i n g

I’m working on a art writing question and need a sample draft to help me learn.

The Black Square by Malevich from 1915 is in many ways a protest image. In the years immediately preceding the Russian Revolution of 1917, The Black Square signified a violent departure from the realist and academic styles of painting that were prevalent in Russia under the tsarist (imperial monarchy) regime. By presenting an image of a black square, Malevich cancels the type of imagery he associated with the authoritarian monarchy in favor of a void that is both empty and present, a tabula rasa, a new beginning.

For this discussion please select any image that represents advocacy or protest. Your image maybe be from the present moment or past and can be a popular image or fine art, any media. Please include the origin of the image, whether it be artist, title, date, material, or if that info is not available, then please indicate the source.

Here is an example of mine: Keith Haring, Act Up IgnoraIn the early 1980’s the AIDS epidemic began, and the queer community of New York City, where Haring lived, was especially devasted. As a proud gay man and advocate for his community, Haring made a series of public service and protest images for the “Act Up” organization and campaign. Harings iconic posters use simple cartoon figures, bright colors, and clear text to both attract attention and educate the viewer. In the early days of the AIDS epidemic, there was not much information regarding how the virus was spread, and the queer community was scapegoated and abandoned by the Reagan administration and many politicians. This makes Haring’s protest even more powerful, because he was not afraid to act up, fight back, and advocate for the queer people who were suffering so much. Haring succumbed to the HIV virus in 1990, and is remembered as a hero. Haring’s promotion of knowledge, education, and safe sex practices saved counteless lives and helped create a culture of awareness surrounding the HIV virus.nce=Fear, 1989, Poster Print.

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