half pages single spacesno sup title W r i t i n g

half pages single spacesno sup title W r i t i n g

Add something to each journals.

Make it all half pages single spaces

No sup title , just number.

11 Journal, each should be half page

Use your own words Do not go deep

Journal #1

How would you describe yourself as a student? (honestly).

Discuss your strengths and especially your weaknesses. Many wise people understand that better results come from better habits, which means that time management / organization is key. Describe some specific steps you will take to improve your habits and organizational skills as a student. (include day, time, details, etc).

Journal #2

Describe your very first memories from childhood in regards to:

Setting; family arrangement; safety; love;

fear; and your overall feelings/emotions.

Why do you believe that these are your first memories ?

Journal #3

How was your image of a man / woman shaped?

Who were/are your examples and warnings of what it is to be a man/woman?

What are some specific lessons you learned about what is appropriate / inappropriate for a man/woman?

Journal #4

Describe your childhood years (age 3-10) in regards to the following issues: love, security, neglect, physical affection, loss.

Journal #5

What are your feelings about death ?

How do these feelings effect the way that you are living?

Respond to the following statement:

“It is not death that we fear, it is the fear of never truly living.”


At this point in your life, this moment right now, what are your most important concerns?

(Concerns = Goals/tasks to accomplish and/or problems to resolve)

Make a list of your most important concerns at this time, and then create a specific plan (next step) to accomplish those goals and resolve those problems.

(Understandably, some goals or some problems may be more complex than others, and some may take some time and/or many steps to resolve, but be specific on what the next step is, and set a plan to take that step by writing down the day and the time, and making a written appointment for yourself)

Journal #7

What are your feelings about your body / health ?

How do your feelings about your body / health effect your self-concept, and your relationships with others ?

Journal #8

What does STRESS look like on you ?

Physical effects – where does stress show up in or on your body? Have you noticed any typical physically vulnerable areas, your gut, your skin, headaches, back aches, nerves, chest pain, swelling, fatigue.

Emotional / Psychological effects – how does stress effect your emotions & thoughts? Overthinking ?

Denial / avoidance ? Hyperactive or Hypoactive ? Acting out / withdrawal ? Over-eating / under-eating ? Over-sleeping / insomnia ?

(I want you to be more aware of your patterns, and begin to know yourself better, using your awareness as your guide. Because only after self-awareness, can we create an opportunity for responsibility and change.)

Journal #9

What are some of the main sources of your stress ?

What are some specific things, activities, or outlets that relieve your stress ?

What do you think it will take for your to begin doing more of these stress relieving activities?

Journal #10

From whom and from where did you learn how to love ?

Who were your role models and who were your warnings ?

Do these influences continue to impact your current relationships ? (notice any patterns from back then to now?)

This one is new

Journal #11

What is the difference between love and fear?

Has your desperation, fear, and/or insecurity kept you in a relationship longer than you should have ?

Can love exist without respect ? How are these similar, and how are they different ?

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