great barrier reef beneficial W r i t i n g

great barrier reef beneficial W r i t i n g

How is climate change affecting the great barrier reef? How is the great barrier reef beneficial to the ocean and to the world, and how can we help the environment to stop the death of an ecosystem?

: 1. Location a. Identify the spatial scale of the issue (local, regional, national, global). Pick a scale to focus on if the issue spans multiple scales. b. Describe the biogeography associated with the problem. What is the climate of your study area? What processes create this climate? Which ecosystems/biomes are affected?

2. Specifics of the problem a. What is the history of this issue? When did it start? Has the issue been improving or worsening? b. What is the science behind this issue? What are the underlying causes of this issue/problem? c. What are the consequences/impacts of this issue? How are humans affected?

3. Larger consequences of the problem a. Are there other cases of this same issue/problem in other locations? b. Are there global consequences to this issue?

4. Solutions/Policy a. What are the potential solutions to this problem? How realistic are they? b. Identify and describe any organizations that are acting to address this environmental issue (these organizations can be valuable sources of information about the issue). c. Have these solutions been applied with any success?

5. Conclusion a. What is the likelihood that this issue will ever be resolved? b. Are there any over-arching lessons to be learned from this issue?

I have attached an outline with resources, and what you should write off of. You may go off the outline and write more if you please, but please read the instructions provided. Please stick to the rubric and USE AT LEAST 3 PRIMARY SOURCES OUT OF THE 7 SOURCES NEEDED. You may use secondary sources, but no more than 4. The ‘final guide.pdf’ will have the answers to most questions you have. If you have any other, please ask me.