get health care reform done H e a l t h M e d i c a l

get health care reform done H e a l t h M e d i c a l

 multiple choicse questions 

Scholars, healthcare policymakers, and interdisciplinary science around the world consider that health disparities due to cultural and socioeconomic factors are referred to as:

Select one:

a. health prejudice.

b. Health discrimination

c. developing problems.

d. health equity.

e. access issues.

In spite of the public appetite for change, why president Bill Clinton could not get health care reform done during his administration? 

Select one:

a. While other competitive countries spend 10% of their GDP in healthcare. The USA was spending 15% of the country’s income in healthcare.

b. 15% of the population was uninsured and a lot of people underinsured

c. Just like other presidential administration from Theodore Roosevelt to his own administration; the biggest challenge was the cost

d. All are correct

e. A and B only

f. Universal healthcare could be achieved without an employer mandate approach, if subsidize  individual and  small business were give option to buy into the federal employee health plan ( many health plans)

g. Had constrictions such as : not having other option but a  employer mandated approach;  putting the small business lobby in with the insurance companies and together , plus the unified republican opposition in the senate not to veto it.

h. Physicians were divided and tax increase was not possible

From the following list, please choose the plan that exclusively permits unused money to be carried or transfer over the following year.

Select one:

a. Health reimbursement arrangement

b. A and C

c. Premium reimbursement arrangement

d. Flexible sending account

e. Health saving account

If the main objective in healthcare is to reach equity, then its imperative to delineate the main issues that pertain to:

Select one:

a. under represented minority groups

b. groups not included in the policy making process

c. The federal government

d. health care institutions that implement the healthcare policy

Which of the following is not correct about Healthcare policy implementation planning: 

Select one:

a. Healthcare implementation planning  and assessment includes evaluation of origin of policy.

b. Healthcare implementation planning  and assessment includes evaluation of the scope

c. Healthcare implementation planning and assessment includes evaluation of the stakeholder engagement

d. Healthcare implementation planning  and assessment includes evaluation of the work breackdown

e. Healthcare implementation planning  and assessment includes evaluation of the funding

Which of the following (is) or (are)  not correct about translational medicine (TM):

Select one:

a. Promotes interaction between laboratory-based and population based research to promote guidelines and protocols

b. Improves health status in communities

c. Members of the Evaluation Committee of the Association for Clinical Research Training (ACRT) reviewed current definitions of translational research and proposed an operational definition to use in the educational framework.

d. TM research seeks to improve the public’s health by supporting multidirectional integration of research.

e. Includes observational studies and critical inputs which are not always easily accepted by the academia

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