four full pages (~ 2 W r i t i n g

four full pages (~ 2 W r i t i n g

You are to plan and execute a negotiation, for this assignment, do not analyze a negotiation you were involved in previously, but prepare for and conduct a brand new experience armed with the knowledge you gain in the course.

Negotiation: Plan and execute a negotiation for something of personal value to you. It should be a multi-issue negotiation. You can negotiate for anything you would like. Your negotiation could involve purchasing a good or service from a merchant, a discount from a service provider, etc. Creativity is encouraged and will be rewarded in the grade. For example, bringing in a competitor’s price for an retail item is a smart thing to do, but a fairly standard and easy to implement strategy, and so less impressive in terms of this assignment.

I understand time is tight but try to find a creative opportunity to put your skills into action. Also, note that you do not have to buy anything to complete this assignment.

There are only four rules with respect to what and how you approach this assignment:

  1. You are not allowed to resort to the plea of “Help me out, this is for a class…” You may not tell the other party that this is for a course until the situation is complete (and then you can decide if you want to tell them this). If they know you are in the class and ask directly, tell them – no need to lie.
  2. You are not allowed to complete the negotiation by making promises on which you do not intend to follow through.
  3. You should not break the law while doing this assignment (e.g., no harassment, threats, extortion, etc.). If you have a negotiation that is part of an underground economy, please don’t tell me about it. Also, I would hope that you would not rely on coercion or intimidation as there are other more effective strategies.
  4. Do not attempt to negotiate or resolve a situation that might put you or another person in physical harm, unless it is something you do whether or not you were taking this course.

Paper Details

You need to write an analysis of the negotiation and that includes a sufficient, but concise description. To do this, I think it will take at least 2,000 words (the equivalent of 4 single-spaced pages). Your analysis should be presented in a well-organized and structured report. This report should include a brief description of the events (no more than 300 words), the outcome that was achieved, and identification of your negotiating strategy. The report should primarily focus on an analysis of the negotiation process, structure, elements, and outcome.

You will be submitting your work on Canvas discussion board and everyone will be able to read it. (My feedback and grading of the paper will be private.)

Format – Typed, business report style (meaning concise, to-the-point language, include headings to help the reader see your main points, use of bullet points and/or white space to improve “readability,” etc.). Since you will be posting this on Canvas, don’t do complicated formatting or use tables.

Length – A thorough analysis requires a minimum of four full pages (~2,000 words) for most negotiations, in my experience. If your paper ends up longer or shorter, that is fine but make sure you are doing a diligent job of editing your thoughts and that you are avoiding repetition. I highly recommend you have someone proofread your paper prior to submitting it.

Evaluation – 75% of your grade for this project is based on your creativity, your strategy, and the quality of your analysis. 25% is based on mechanics (e.g., organization/structure, grammar, spelling, punctuation).

(Note again: don’t spend too much time on the description of the situation—make sure the bulk of your paper is your ANAYSIS which may include the role of the structural elements in the process and outcome, the relationship of your experience to the course concepts, the role of emotions, insight into why you did or didn’t effectively use a particular technique, or how the other party’s actions shaped events. If though you are going to write about how the situation could have gone more smoothly – you must focus primarily on things that are under your control. Limit or avoid entirely any critique of the other person’s actions or reactions.)

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