four climate scientists destroy climate change alarmism W r i t i n g

four climate scientists destroy climate change alarmism W r i t i n g

Prompt 2

There’s a lot of wild stuff on the internet. Nestled between videos of pandas cuddling and
people yelling at other people playing video games is a lot of “secret truths they don’t want you
to know about!” Below is a list of a bunch of videos like this. Whether they’re about UFOs,
astrology, crystal healing, ancient civilizations, transgender people, or something else, they all
engage science and scientific expertise. They might justify themselves as alternate knowledge
against a mainstream, or try to establish the expertise of the speaker, or offer different forms of
empirical or logical evidence to back up their claims. Sure, at first glance they may seem to be
“pseudoscience,” but your job is to go past the first glance and explain if, why, and how.
Apply the topics, concepts, readings, and debates from one or more of classes 2, 3, 4, and 5 to a
video of your choosing. If you like, you may compare two videos. Is your video pseudoscience?
Why? How does the video seek to counter that accusation either implicitly or explicitly? How
are science (and pseudoscience), evidence, argument, authority, and/or expertise implicitly or
explicitly constructed and marshalled in defense of the video’s claims? As you are analyzing the
video (or videos), make sure you describe it and give specific examples to illustrate your
The paper should be 900-1500 words, citations not included. It will be evaluated on

A) Clarity
and correctness of the writing,

B) A clear and well-made argument,

C) Full and clear description
of your materials (i.e., the video(s) your analyzing),

D) Correct and insightful application of
course ideas and readings to your analysis.
When you submit your paper be clear to label the prompt used.
Possible videos:
1. Flat Earthers vs Scientist: Can We Trust Science?
2. Mom Researches Vaccines, Discovers Vaccination Horrors and Goes Vaccine Free

3. Healing with Crystals Part 1
4. Sedona’s Mysterious Energy
5. What you need to know about the PINEAL GLAND and the secret to PSYCHIC ABILITIES

6. Colossus Certified Biological in origin by MFU

7. Examination Of An Elongated Paracas Skull In Peru

8. Faith Goldy: Is Soy Feminizing the West?

9. Atlantis and the Creation of Races
10. How to Detox Your Body in 10 Minutes (MY DETOX SECRET) – Fit Tuber
11. The Science Behind How Acupuncture Helps Relieve Pain: A Doctor of Chinese Medicine
12. How to Use Astrology to Improve Your Life
14. Steven Crowder: Transgenderism is Ideology NOT Science! (Dr. Leonard Sax Uncut) |
Louder With Crowder

15. Four Climate Scientists Destroy Climate Change Alarmism – Heartland Institute

16. The Truth about CO2 – PragerU

You may find your own video in a similar style if you prefer.

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