first draft requirementsthe first draft W r i t i n g

first draft requirementsthe first draft W r i t i n g

Please read the article that I attached blow first. And I also provide a sample proposal.


Length: Roughly 350-450 words

You will write a short Proposal before you begin researching for your Annotated Bibliography. The purpose of the proposal is to help you start focusing on your topic and give me a chance to give you some early feedback (though most of the topic development will take place as you research and learn more about your topic, and further as you begin to write).

Reminder: You will need to identify a current issue or social mess in either or both of the following topic areas:

1. Research in your discipline (eg. a current discovery, issue, problem, treatment or policy)

2. The career you intend to pursue (or want to investigate)

(It is possible to choose areas outside of these two, as we discussed in class, but they’re a good place to start.)


Please answer all the below questions. You don’t have to follow this order and answers may be combined.

  1. Introduce the issue you would like to research for your article.
  2. Explain how this issue impacts one or both of the above topics (research the issue in your discipline or a possible future career).
  3. Say why you have chosen this topic, what you already know about it, and how learning more is relevant for your studies and/or career.
  4. Research can be described as the process of gathering information to answer a question that solves a problem. What problem/s are involved in the topic you are interested in?
  5. Pose a preliminary research question: this should be something that piques your curiosity, not a question you already know the answer to.
  6. Identify a potential audience who would benefit from learning about your topic and an academic publication that targets this audience.
  7. What attitudes, questions, beliefs or concerns might your audience have about your topic?

Grading and First Draft Requirements

The first draft of your proposal is a required part of your research project. It will be graded as complete/incomplete. To receive full credit, your response should:

  • Answer all 7 questions, meeting minimum length requirements (can be longer)
  • Reflect thought and careful consideration

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