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find business news articlessubmit two business ethics news itemsyou B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

Part A Find Business News Articles

Submit Two Business Ethics News Items

You are responsible for submitting two current, business-ethics related objective news items (not analysis, commentary, or opinion pieces*) on completely different topics. The articles should:

  • have appeared in mainstream, reputable journalistic news outlets (see details below) within four weeks of the submission date
  • include ethically questionable behavior by for-profit businesses, not by non-profits or government agencies
  • discuss moral issues facing business people;

Do not use:

  • legal or government issues (e.g., lawsuits, regulatory, or university activities)
  • those facing specific professions that have their own specialized ethics fields (e.g., journalism, law, and medicine)
  • those whose issues are idiosyncratic(e.g., professional sports or utilities)
  • analysis, commentary or opinion articles

The articles must each be between 350 and 1000 words (you can paste the text into Word to check the count). The final cutoff time for submitting your articles to the instructor via this discussion board link is listed in the course schedule.

You are welcome to submit your stories early, or to submit them one at a time.

Include each story’s Title, Reporter, Publication, full text of the article and the URL in your submission.

NOTE: Your article must not be identical to a previous student’s submission, and the same topic can only appear on the submission topic list twice. Be sure to check the submission document before investing time in finding your article, so that you know which topics are already taken. Students who submit early will have the greatest variety of topics available.

Your grade will be determined based on how closely your selected articles match the above requirements, along with the depth and interest level of the business ethics issues they raise. Take your time researching and selecting your submissions: each article accounts for 6% of your course grade.

*Commentaries will include the writer’s opinions, made clear by such clues as using first-person (“I”) terminology or stating evaluations of whether the behaviors reported are good or bad. Your job is to find “straight” news stories that just report the facts.

Examples of mainstream, reputable journalistic news outlets include:

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