f minor johann caspar ferdinand fischer H u m a n i t i e s

f minor johann caspar ferdinand fischer H u m a n i t i e s

The organ music program will have:

Johann Caspar Ferdinand Fischer(1656-1746)

Performed in 2017 at Marco Lo Musicio organ in Hauptwerk System Laurenskerk, Rotterdam.

Franz Liszt(1811-1886)

Performed by Su Lee in 2016 at C.B. Fisk organ of 1990 at Lippes Concert Hall, Slee Hall, University of Buffalo.

Cesar Franck(1822-1890)

Performed by Olivier Latry in 2013 at the rededication of the restored Kilgen Pipe Organ at Our Lady of Refuge Church in Brooklyn.

Write Program Notes of about 1,500 words (double spaced). These notes should:

—First, lay out the “idea of the program.” “The Prelude and Fugue”

—Then write about each piece in the order they appear on your program, saying something specific about each performer/performance, and trying to make smooth and relevant associations from one piece to the next and, if possible, to the program as a whole. Alternatively, you might stress moments of difference and contrast from one piece to the next: juxtaposition can be a powerful way to organize the succession of a pair of pieces, or also a method of proceeding through the entire recital. You should reflect, too, on the instruments themselves, and their relation to the performances.

Finally, in your notes we would like you to refer along the way to specific ideas, issues, and even readings.

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