explore online grocery order fulfillment models B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

explore online grocery order fulfillment models B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e


  1. Study the background of online grocery shopping industry (in the US and globally) and predict the future demand growth/ decline for online grocery shopping.
  2. Explore online grocery order fulfillment models. Study and compare the two methods suggested by the VP. Also, you should seek whether there are better order fulfillment methods.
  3. Recommend the online grocery order delivery strategies for short-term and long-term.
  4. Evaluate sustainability of online grocery shopping.

As a consultant, you are expected to deliver the following information to the VP of operations of Food Mart



  1. A project report (no less than 2,000 words) which includes following sections.
    1. Abstract – The abstract is a short paragraph with 100 – 200 words. Typically, it contains the following information:
  2. A presentation (Less than 15 minutes) to present your findings and proposals


  • The objective of the work; a short summary of the problem
  • A short description of the methodology used
  • Summary of the findings


Section 1-Introduction


The Introduction includes the following information:


  • Background of the investigation.
  • The objectives and scope of the investigation
  • A description of the structure of the report that allows the reader to know what to expect

Section 2-Alternatives

This section should include followings:

  • List of alternative grocery fulfillment options and applications (organizations that use the model)
  • Comparison of each grocery fulfillment option considering strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Consider cost of each option and how it affects the supply chain.
  • Comparison of order delivery strategies. Consider cost of each option.
  • Recommendations for grocery order fulfillment strategy for short-term and long-term.
  • Reasoning for the recommendation.
  • Discuss any possible problems/ shortcomings of the recommended model and how they can be overcome or improved in the future.
  • Discuss how the online grocery order fulfillment model will perform under different demand scenarios. Also, discuss the sustainability of online grocery business in long-term.

Section 3-Recommendation

This section should include followings:

Section 4: Discussion and Conclusion

The Conclusions section closes the report. The information included in this section is:

  • A summary of the problem and the objective of the investigation
  • A brief description of recommendation.
  • Future/ long-term plans.


This section includes professional citations of books, articles, websites, etc. that were used during the investigation. References should be numbered. References should be cited in the report.


The appendix starts in a different page. The appendix might include:

  • Tables
  • Any other information that support the report.


All information included in the appendix section needs to be referenced in the report. Each appendix should have a title and an appendix number.


The grade for the project will contribute towards 10% of your final grade.

The grade will be determined by:

  • The quality of the report: The report should include all the topics included in the deliverables. You have to convince me that you have done a thorough analysis and considered alternative solutions. Also, you have to show that you have chosen the best alternative action as the solution. (50%)
  • Structure of the report: The report should follow the above described format. (10%)
  • Presentation: Your presentation should be professional and present the findings within the time limit. Also, you should be able to answer the questions by audience and/or the instructor. (20%)
  • Team work: Your individual contribution to the project will be assessed by your partner. (20%)
  • Please see the grading rubric for detail
  • Project Progress


You need to update the progress of your project to the instructor at least 2 weeks prior to the due date. Please set-up a meeting time to discuss the progress and get information or gui

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