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Hi i need your help in Writing 12-15 pages report (double spaced) plus appendices, and all of the following components should be included. Professional grammar and spelling is required. Submit as a Word document, and include your weekly log and any work attachments.

i worked a virtual internship with the sport of ministry the time From 30th of August 2021 until 10th of December 2021. 15 weeks for 12-15 hour a week and they work on the clubs a Affairs department so i work with Clubs support strategy during the 2021 season

the place that i worked on it its the clubs Affairs department in the Ministry of sports( i will provide you with more info about the internship once you accept the question ) and i will show a sample of the report

objectives: Initial objectives for the practicum and a discussion of the degree to which they were achieved.

descriptionDescription of the agency, its mission, the department or unit the student was assigned, and the particular activities or projects that were part of the experience.

Overview: general overview of the types of tasks performed and the opportunities presented for professional development.

Contributions: Description of the contributions made during the practicum (i.e., programs developed, materials written or designed, activities initiated, assistance in training, job analysis). Please include copies of any reports, documents, or other samples of work generated in an appendix

Weekly Activity Log: This is a record of your practicum time and effort engaged in substantive activities including projects and plans, reports on meetings, and other professional responsibilities should be maintained during the course of the practicum. Also make note of any critical incidents (i.e., successes, failures, learning moments). At the conclusion of the practicum and/or semester attach your completed log of activities to Blackboard. Attached is a weekly activity log template for your reference. A sample weekly activity log is also listed for your review and reference.

Problems: A discussion of problems or difficulties encountered, personal and otherwise. Describe approaches tried in alleviating adverse or problem conditions.

Self-Analysis: A self-analysis in terms of professional and personal growth, development of competencies, ability to develop interpersonal relationships, ability to work with a team, feelings of increased/decreased confidence and satisfaction/dissatisfaction with career choice.

Recommendations for Supervisor or the Organization as a whole: What changes or advice would you suggest to improve the efficiency or productivity of your supervisor or the organization as a whole. Such comments will NOT be shared so feel free to be candid. Include examples pulling from what you may have learned in your degree program and what happened in practice.

Recommendations for Practicum Experience: Recommendations and suggestions for improving the practicum experience including an overall rating of the effectiveness of the site supervisor and practicum placement.

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