due tuesday january 21st 11 W r i t i n g

due tuesday january 21st 11 W r i t i n g

Part 1. Design a simple experiment using the Cycle of thinking. Due Tuesday January 21st 11:59 pm, late submissions will receive zero credit. Your work here will be used for a successive assignment. 

Post a description of an observation that lead to a question. Recall from the previous materials that the cycle of scientific thinking begins with observing and asking questions like “What happened there? Why did that occur? What’s going on?” We are all scientists and routinely ask these questions. For this assignment plan to focus on a question that you can explain, predict, and then check. Revisit the comments left by your instructor from the MOD1 [Assignment] Observations and questions and then choose one of those.***If you are working ahead, you must complete the MOD1 [Assignment] observations and questions assignment first, and then wait to read your instructors comments for that assignment before submitting for this discussion. Failure to do so may result in having to re-do this.

This is not meant to be a lengthy, rigorous task. Rather a simple example of how you are already using the Cycle of Scientific thinking.

In your post, please include the following (use bullet point format here for clarity)

  • State and then describe the question that you came up with
  • Explain all of the observations and what was going on that brought on the question
  • Come up with a potential model to test
  • List your prediction(s)
  • Outline what you will do to check or test your model. You must include what data you will collect and how you will collect this data. See my example!!
  • Can you carry out this check/experiment in the next week and keep a record of what happens while you do so? If YES, continue on. If NO, STOP. Generate a new question/observation and try again.

Part 2. Interact with peers. Due Thursday January 23rd 11:59 pm; late submissions will receive zero credit. Note this part 2 will not appear on your Carmen Calendar, you are responsible for submitting this on time.  

After you have posted a description of your experiment, read what those in your group have posted for theirs. Leave them feedback by commenting on each group members’ post. As you read theirs think about the following; when you 

  • Do they explain their question in a meaningful way?
  • Do their observations support where their question came from?
  • Is their explanation/model easy to understand?
  • Did they include a prediction?
  • Will their check/test address their explanation?
  • Did they tell you what data they will collect and how they will collect it?
  • Add one additional comment or advice for them. You can add more, but at least on is required.

Keep in mind that discussion among peers is a key component to the process of science, so we will be looking for constructive feedback here that can be incorporated and strengthen the experiment.

You are required to comment on the experiments of each of your group mates; therefore you will post at least one comment on each of the other four experiments.  Your grade will not be penalized, however, if you can not contribute to the discussion if someone in your group fails to post an initial experiment description. 

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