domestic violence arrests among nfl playersthe nfl L a w

domestic violence arrests among nfl playersthe nfl L a w

  1. There will be one writing assignment due in this class which will be due as per the schedule provided. Students cannot pass this course without completing this paper. The paper will be at least 3 pages long, excluding the work cited page and cover page. There should be a minimum of three 3 sources, and written in APA format. If the essay is identified as not being original, and/or not done by the student, the instructor has the right to grade the paper as an F.Cutting and pasting whole passages from websites without proper credit and sourcing is a common form of plagiarism that is unacceptable will result in a grade of F.
    The topic of the paper will be domestic violence. I would like for this to be an opinion paper, but your grade will reflect how well you back up your opinion. You may pursue any angle you would like regarding domestic violence, but statistics from reputable sources should be part of your research.Questions to consider:
    • Is domestic violence an “epidemic” in America?
    • Is domestic violence getting worse?
    • Is domestic violence more prevalent in the NFL?
    • Does the media present an accurate picture of domestic violence?
    • Are penalties for domestic violence harsh enough?

    Below are links and possible sources for your paper. You may use any or all below, your book, and other sources not listed.

    Minneapolis Domestic Violence Experiment (1984)CDC – Intimate Partner ViolenceDomestic Violence Laws and PenaltiesBureau of Justice Statistics – Nonfatal Domestic Violence, 2003 – 2012National Center on Domestic and Sexual ViolenceThe Rate of Domestic Violence Arrests Among NFL PlayersThe NFL Has Lower Rate of Domestic Violence Than the General PopulationCommunities Digital News – Domestic violence: NFL less violent than real lifesafehorizon – Domestic Violence: Statistics and Facts

    Other Facts about Crime and Violence

    CDC – Deaths and MortalityUSA Top 15 Causes of DeathBrady Campaign – About Gun ViolenceNational Institute of Justice – VictimizationDeath Penalty Information CenterFBI – Uniform Crime Reports Expanded Homicide DataFBI – Murder – Race and Sex of Victim by Race and Sex of Offender

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