diverse perspectives , complexity , multiple perspectives , awareness , civility , sources , organization , summary , responseuse W r i t i n g

diverse perspectives , complexity , multiple perspectives , awareness , civility , sources , organization , summary , responseuse W r i t i n g

Scope and Length: Answer two questions below, in a total of four singlespaced pages, oneinch margins, 12point font, with essays roughly equal in length. Do not include a title page.

This essay engages with aspects of following Complex Problems learning outcomes: Diverse Perspectives ,Complexity,Multiple Perspectives,Awareness,Civility,Sources,Organization ,Summary,Response

Use the PowerPoint case-studies file posted to determine the scope of the exam. Answer two of the following questions using examples taken from the file.

On the whole, the essays must weave visual and historical aspects of the case-study and special topics works into broader social and cultural frameworks, around identity issues such as (but not necessarily limited to) politics, religion, race, etc., as prompted by the questions . The answers must be thesis-driven and supported by evidence from readings. The best exams will open with an introduction culminating in the thesis and, in the body of the essays, present sufficient evidence that sufficiently supports it. The examples you use must be those that relate best to the question, so think carefully about these choices before you start writing. Because you need to answer two questions in one paper. I suggest using two pages for each question.

Here are two questions:

use powerpoint: Identity categories: Choose one of the following categories and discuss how works of art from three different historical periods or cultures convey it: politics, religion, race/ethnicity, age, or gender/sexuality. What were theartist’s and/or patron’s objectives with each work? How did they shape meaning around the category you’ve selected, through subject matter and/or materials and techniques? Since identities are often intersectional, I encourage you to express sensitivity to this situation:there is no need to artificially ignore categories other than the one you’ve chosen if they apply, but do not lose sight of the major theme of the essay.

use the article: Special topics: We’ve been periodically engaged this semester with grey areas in arguments about visual identities (for example Fearless Girl and Charging Bull, Lady Liberty in Hijab, museums and colonialism). This question asks you to read and respond to the arguments presented in an article posted to Canvas, on artist Dana Schutz’s painting of Emmett Till, an African American boy who was lynched at the age of 14by two white men in Mississippi. Your essay should demonstrate first, that you understand the arguments with a brief summary. Then, assess the grey areas in the issues at hand. Show me that you can effectively bring your critical thinking skills to the various view sex pressed in the article. Where do you stand in this argument?

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