discuss one historical example H u m a n i t i e s

discuss one historical example H u m a n i t i e s

Answer any THREE of the following FIVE questions. Please be sure to use quotation marks if including a direct quote and cite any sources used. A works cited list is not needed. Please be sure to avoid plagiarizing by doing this. Please include the question number and the question at the top of each of your responses. Points will be deducted for your failure to do so. Your responses can be anywhere between four sentences to a paragraph. There is not a minimum or maximum word/sentence count. But it is nearly impossible to address the full question with less than that (four sentences). All questions have been listed along with a lecture heading. This is to provide you with the corresponding ppt and reading dates where you can find materials to refresh your memory. You may find returning to that week’s lecture will also be of particular use in answering the questions. Please submit your quiz by Monday, December 6th by 11:59 pm.

Week 11 “Rasta” Lecture

1. Choose any two of the following persons. What were their connections to and influences on the development of Rastafarianism?

Marcus Garvey, Bob Marley, Haile Selassie, Jesus of Nazareth

Week 12 “November 17” & “The Black Church” Lecture

2. In a few sentences explain the bolded phrase in either of the following passages from page 245 of the Gomez reading. Provide two examples of what the author is referencing in the passage.

  • “The white man’s god was himself the ultimate slave master, having condemned by decree the African-as-Hamite to the servile estate.”
  • “Regarding those who converted, however, most were not coerced or maneuvered. Indeed, I argue that most did so of their own volition and by way of their own initiative.”

3. Discuss the influence of religious revivalism on the expansion of Black Christianity prior to the 20th century. Who were some (at least 2) of its key players (e.g. revivalists, abolitionists, preachers, etc.)?

4. What is “the Black Church?” How is it traditionally defined? Who coined the term “the Black Church?” Discuss one historical example or incarnation of the Black Church and how it has changed?

Week 13 “

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