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directions report content unit learning outcomes report content pick B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

Stock Investment Simulation Project

The final project is partly a writing project. Your document should be in essay format. Double-spaced. Please title each paragraph so it corresponds with each question below.

Click here to read the overview of the entire project, which requires assignments in Units 2, 5, and 8.

  1. Pick and explain the macroeconomic/geopolitical event that you believe most impacted the stock market during the entire simulation – on what were investors most focused during the simulation?
  2. Discuss how successful your investments were.
  3. Choose one of your stocks. For that stock, choose any financial ratio that we discussed, and which can be found on this site (Links to an external site.).  Press control and place your cursor over the link above and it will become “live” – click it to go to the site.  Click “markets” and begin typing the name of the company you chose in “quote search” and when its name appears in the drop down menu, click on it.  Under “Analysis”, the ratios we discussed will be listed in the categories of profitability, price ratios, financial health, and management effectiveness.  Select one of the ratios that we covered.  Include a screenshot of the ratio you use from the MSN site when you submit your project. 
    1. You will need the same ratio for the company and its industry. Name the ratio you chose.  Be sure it is one of the ratios we covered.  For whatever ratio you choose, what does the ratio tell you about the company compared to its industry? 
    2. Does the financial ratio information you reported above tend to support your purchase of this stock, or does this ratio raise some questions in your mind in retrospect?
    3. Be sure to include a screenshot of the MSN site, showing the ratio that you chose. Be sure both your company’s ratio and that of its industry are clearly visible in your screenshot. 
  4. Go to Graph My Portfolio. Bring up a graph for 3 months. 
    1. Include a screen shot of the above graph in your project.
    2. Briefly tell me what the measure you selected represents – Indicate how you know that this is a measure of “the market”.
    3. Why did you select this measure of the market (there are several)?
    4. Comment on how your stocks did relative to the market, based on what you printed.
  5. What strategy (or strategies) best matches what you did in the simulation? For instance, buy-and-hold, short term, dollar-cost averaging, Dogs of the Dow, etc. Explain briefly.  Include a screenshot of your Order History. 
  6. Analysis
    1. Based on the screenshot of your final Account Balances what is your account worth at the conclusion of the project?
    2. How much total worth, in dollars, did you gain or lose during the simulation?
    3. Include a third and final set of screen shots to include a) open positions in standard view; b) the first Motley Fool headline and c) Accounts Balances.
  7. Looking back on the simulation, identify one thing that, knowing what you know now, you would have done differently if you had the simulation to do over again. Be specific.
  8. Please select the next tab above to move to the next content tab or the next button below to move to the next topic.Due Dates:
    11:59 p.m., Sunday, CT.

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