differencecore strengthpositioningbrand programbrand strategycurrent brand love curve positiongrowth strategyinvestment B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

differencecore strengthpositioningbrand programbrand strategycurrent brand love curve positiongrowth strategyinvestment B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

Brand plan example: http://beloved-brands.com/2012/06/24/brand-plan/ (Links to an external site.)

Final Project Instructions:

MKT 410, Consumer and Organizational Behavior

The purpose of the following project is to provide the student(s) the opportunity of applying all of the course material into a professional Brand Plan.

The project involves the creation of an original brand, meaning that the name, logo, slogan etc. must be developed and designed by you. The project does not require the in-depth development of a product, but it is implied that a product or service would represent the newly-created brand.

The brand must be created and proposed based on the content learned from the course. The choice of fonts, colors, size, designs, styles, slogans, themes, ‘personalities’ attributed to the brand, and promotional materials, must reflect the psychological and behavioral content of the course.

You must create at least three (3) original promotional materials for their respective brand. This includes print-advertisements, video commercials, (mock) websites, social media content, bill-boards designs, merchandise, store displays… etc.

You are encouraged to use Photoshop and any other photo or video editing software on your smartphones, tablets, or computers.

You are also allowed to outsource external talent for the creation of their promotional materials. As long as the person(s) involved are given credit for their work and are mentioned in the References/Appendix sections, the promotional work will be accepted.

The written portion of the project must have a cover page (with the title you have given it, your name, course number and section, and semester and year of the course). On the second page you will provide a Table of Contents. (See paper outline below.)

The document should be formatted according to the latest APA standards.

The text should be:

Times New Roman

Font Size 12


1” margins all around.

Direct quotes must be appropriately cited. Bullet-points are allowed, but should comprise a small portion of the entire document. The document must be written in narrative, 3rd-Person format, free of colloquial (casual) lingo.

Tables and figures are likely to be useful for this assignment. These should be placed in the Appendix (with a title for each one) and discussed in the appropriate section. When these are discussed, reference them in the text or body of your report, e.g., See the Appendix Table (title/name).

Your statements and findings must not only be clearly stated and logical but also supported by your research (with cited sources of information). Furthermore, all facts (other than common knowledge) must be cited in the text or body of the report and the informational source listed in the References section using APA style guidelines. A fact is more than just a number (e.g., statistic) but also a definitive/specific point, statement or information unknown to others, e.g., the VP, any reader of the report. Such facts and informational sources should include of course the organization, its retailers, competitors, current and potential customers, the Internet, Lynn Library (databases and hardcopy publications), and other personal interviews that are applicable to determining successful market research findings and developing a market assessment and analysis report.


The creation of your brand must be founded on real-market data, trends, and demand for the product category; therefore:

  1. Conduct a thorough SWOT Analysis based on industry and market information related to your brand’s product category (i.e. soft-drinks; toys; pet food; clothing/fashion; automotive; foods/snacks; other consumer goods)
  2. Create an original logo
    1. The design of the logo must be truly original
    2. The design must be purposeful in its use of symbolism, words, shapes, etc.
  3. Create an original name
  4. Discuss your Brand image and personality:
    1. Purpose and justification for the proposed brand
    2. Brand positioning statement
    3. The emotional and functional benefits and value your brand promises
  5. Brand communication/promotion strategy
    1. Proposed Promotional strategy for the brand
    2. Purpose for the use of chosen media channels
    3. Create and explain your original promotional media: photo, video, audio, digital, outdoor, etc. (at least 3!)
    4. Promotional material (at least one of them being a JPEG image) must have subtle/subliminal/psychological cues and use of colors, shapes, images, words, sounds, angles, etc.; to trigger a desired
      1. Artwork must be as original as possible
      2. Photo-shopping is allowed, with limitations
  • You may outsource external help; if so, please give the individual(s) due credit for the artwork, footage, etc.
  1. Provide a written (APA-format) final report and present the results (PPT presentation with voice over.)


  1. Executive Summary
    • One page summary of the entire plan
  2. Brand Description
  3. Situation Analysis
    • SWOT
      • Happening Now
      • Could happen
  1. Brand Focus (Key Issues)
    • Brand Vision
      • Current competitive position
    • Target markets
      • Connection of consumer to your brand
    • Points of difference
      • Core strength
    • Positioning
  2. Brand Program
    • Brand strategy
      • Current brand love curve position
    • Growth strategy
    • Investment/resources focus strategy
    • Defensive strategy
  3. Execution
    • Bonding brand to consumers
    • Brand budget
    • Goals
    • Calendar of activity
    • Project work plans
  4. Evaluation and Control
    • Plan to evaluate and control the strategies

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