curatorial statement :- maximum 2 pages describing H u m a n i t i e s

curatorial statement :- maximum 2 pages describing H u m a n i t i e s

We have been considering a large variety of artworks across many places, themes, and media. Contemporary art speaks to the contemporary moment, to what it is to be contemporary, to what it means to be in the world. How can you put artworks together to highlight a question or theme that you find relevant for our current moment? For this project, you are acting as the curator, choosing a theme, bringing artworks into dialogue, and framing them with a curatorial statement.

I would therefore like you to curate a virtual exhibition/set of images that includes 5-8 artworks.

– You must choose artists from at least 3 countries and at least 2 continents.

– You must include at least 3 artworks that we have not included in our class.

– Every artwork must be from after 2000.

You are welcome to choose any theme that you can define. Your theme can range from the exact moment [what does it mean to be at home? What does it mean to not travel? What does it mean to be scared?] to the broader moment [what are relevant questions about gender in contemporary art? What does it mean to be a global citizen? How can we understand politics in contemporary art?].

The learning objective is to process our semester, bringing together disparate information in a format that mimics actual curatorial practice.

Your project will have 2 parts: an artist list with images and a curatorial statement. Curatorial statement:

-Maximum 2 pages describing the themes you are interested in and putting the chosen works into dialogue.

-Must cite 2 readings from the semester [the goal here is to make sure that this project is in dialogue with our larger class ideally, I would like you to cite an article or textbook based on an idea it includes, not just specific information about a given artwork].

-I encourage you to look at different online exhibitions to see the format of curatorial statements.

Artist list:

For each artwork, please write a short paragraph that includes:

– Name of artist, year of birth, place of birth, where they currently live (or year of death, place of death)

– Name of artwork, date of artwork

– Information on the artwork: What is this work about? How does it connect to the larger practice of the artwork? How does it connect to the theme you have set out?

– Also include an image of the artwork


*** Words count = 900 words.

*** In-Text Citations and References using Harvard style.

*** I’ve uploaded previous work in file named “Sample”.

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