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For this assignment, you need to first read 118-122 in your text book and 115-127 in the ECERS-3, which discusses choosing furnishings for learning spaces. Once you have completed your readings, proceed to the below assignment.

Your are a director in a center and, due to center enrollment, have decided to close an infant room and transform it into a4 year old classroom for 15 children. A space for outdoor gross motor play already exists. The room is 750 square feet, which is 50 square feet per child (NC Child Care Licensing requires at least 25 Square feet per child). The room already has adequate lighting, ventilation, and temperature control. In fact, there is a wall of windows with enclosed remote blinds that can be opened and closed, a ceiling fan, and a door that leads directly to the playground. There are bathrooms in the classroom. Your first task is to order all of the needed furnishings (not materials) for care, play and learning. You will will start with 6 interest centers, including the following:

  • cozy area
  • block area
  • manipulative area
  • book area
  • art area
  • dramatic play area

You will need to determine what furnishings (not materials) you will need for each area. This will include the following:

  • enough child sized tables and chairs for all children to sit at the same time for meals (these tables can be used for other activities, such as manipulatives or art, as well)
  • furnishings for rest time
  • soft furnishings (see pg 16, 5.4 in ECERS-3)
  • furnishings for storing children’s possessions (must have individual space for each child)
  • adequate furnishings for block play (see page 19, 7.2 ECERS-3)
  • adequate shelving for each of the listed interest centers.
  • designated furnishings for a privacy space (page 21 ECERS-3)
  • Dramatic play furnishings
  • at least one furnishing for inside gross motor play (page 25 ECERS-3). This must be safe for inside!!!! (no large climbing structure).

For this assignment, you will need to make a list of furnishings categorized by each interest center or area. You will need to cut and paste a picture of the furnishing, the description and the quantity you would need to order as well as the total price. This would be a document that you would potentially share with the center owner for approval. It must be organized, neat, and accurate to the age and number of children. Additionally, safety and durability must be considered. You do not have a budget, but you will need to provide a grand total.

Some suggest websites to choose your furnishings from would be:

Amazon Daycare Furniture : https:// ;

Community Playthings: https:// ;

School Outfitters: https:// example of 1 furnishing would be:

Rest Area

Sprogs Blue Stackable Daycare Cot

Pack of 18 Cots w/Set of Four Casters $356.73

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