country report 4 assignment due week 4 sunday january 17thfor country report 4 B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

country report 4 assignment due week 4 sunday january 17thfor country report 4 B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

Country Report 4 Assignment Due Week 4 Sunday January 17th

For Country Report 4:

Using information from the International Business textbook, the CIA World Fact Book website, and information that you have sourced through research please conduct research on the country below.Pay close detail to the sections in bold.

Country:South Africa

  • Please write a 4 page research paper including sections with headings for the following:
  • An introduction to the country including population, capital cities, and GDP.
  • Tips on doing business in the country.
  • Country background.
  • Things a person should know before traveling to the country.
  • Human rights issues and average household income.
  • A place in the country that a tourist should visit.
  • Important cultural information and business practices.
  • The country‚Äôs monetary system and currency and how it compares with the US and the
    US Dollar?
  • Identify strategic Alliances within the country, and discuss current events related to importing, exporting and countertrade in the country.
  • Identify the country’s primary point of entry and exit for imports and exports.
  • Identify Supply Chain process, and concerns within the country.
  • Are there any concerns related to importing or exporting specific products, laws, regulations, duties, customs (like customs and border protection).
  • Discuss & explain the process for getting a work visa for the country.
  • Identify two examples of successful Marketing Campaigns in the country.
  • Identify a traditional food from the country.
  • Something new and interesting that you learned about this country.
  • A summary conclusion
    For this paper, you are expected to demonstrate your knowledge of the major concepts from the International Business textbook chapters 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, & 20; so please use terms and concepts from the class and the assigned reading in your country report in a way that demonstrates that you understand those terms and concepts. (That will be part of the grading process).
    I will be looking carefully at the sections of your country report on the topics of Importing, Exporting, Countertrade, Strategic Alliances, Supply Chain, Ports of Entry, Examples of Successful Marketing Campaigns, and the Work Visa Process (please dedicate additional effort to those sections of the paper).
    Please be sure to cite your sources and use in-text citations.

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