contrast different visual methods H u m a n i t i e s

contrast different visual methods H u m a n i t i e s

Submit your project as either a pdf, PowerPoint, hyperlink or any other way that can be opened by a mac OS.

This project is meant to be something worth your while to explore. I’m hoping that whatever you chose as your topic and your method of delivering your findings is something that you enjoy doing. For example, if you enjoy writing, write a paper discussing your thoughts and insights on your topic. However, if you enjoy making videos, you can throw together some footage and voice over your comments. PowerPoint also makes a great way to deliver info. So what I’m saying is the method you chose should be fun and comfortable for you. 

As far as length of your project, I’m going to trust you and how you deliver info. Some people are quick and precise when they communicate, and others like me, tend to take longer when explaining something (I ramble in person – I own it).


I’m hoping that as the class has been rolling along, something has peaked your interest. For example, maybe the idea of body ink fascinates you. Body art from different cultures is so varied in meaning and significance that hopefully if you ever decide to ink, you make a choice that clicks with the culture you identify with. Another example could be something that is connected with your major. Lets say you are a music major. You could explore how colour can identify with genres of music. Or you are studing to be an architect, dive into the cultural styles of arctitecture around the world. I hope you are starting to get the gist of what I’m looking for. 

The main thing I’m looking for here is that you enjoy exploring your topic and you leave this class having a new perspective on how colour operates in your world.

This project is designed to be a personal exploration of how colour communicates in your world.  This project can be presented in any format that you feel most comfortable in. For example, slide presentation, video, or a written paper are all viable methods to convey your thoughts on how colour operates in your chosen topic.

Examples of topics for the project include:

1) The use of color as visual language and as a component of trans-cultural/ transnational communication. This would be an appealing choice for anyone interested in marketing and advertising.

2) Cross-cultural and cross-national agencies that influence the developmental meaning of visual symbols. This could apply to game design, product design or even film to name a few examples.

3) Color and visual language as a cultural indicator of beauty, status, and group identity. Examples of a topic here could be an investigation of fashion design, make-up or body art (tattoos).

4) Strategies of visual propaganda, stereotypes and cultural myth building. A topic example could be how social media plays into these strategies.

5) An examination of the social and formal distinctions of artworks from different nations and cultures. If you are interested in visual art forms and want to investigate/compare/contrast different visual methods from different countries, this would be an interesting topic.

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