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constructive interactions (, 2019 ). B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

Discussion posts to which we need responses will be provided. Responses must serve to advance the conversation related to the discussion topic. In the response body, comment about your perception of how the recommended change to either the vision or mission statements of the discussion posts brings that statement closer to meeting our course criteria. Explain by incorporating our textbook material. You must have at least one source from textbook (course) and another scholarly/peer reviewed source (outside of course/textbook) in each of your response postings. Sources require in-text citations and must be incorporated into the body of the post in addition to a full APA citation at the end of the post.

Discussion Post 1:

The global workforce opens up many possibilities, such as the availability of new customers and the acquisition of resources, which enables effective communication with potential customers in the marketplace. Diversification of products and services is another opportunity for companies to gain a competitive advantage compared to other companies. When different people come together with different views and ideas to boost the morale of the people of the organization and enhance the overall performance of the organization, another opportunity arises with accepting diversity (Roux, 2020).

How managers can overcome obstacles to diversity such as mistrust and tension, stereotyping, and communication problems:

Primarily, when co-workers mistrust one another, our personalities clash, miscommunication diminishes motivation and productivity, which may result in a physical or verbal confrontation. Those in leadership roles like team leaders, human resource representatives, and project managers can circumvent workplace tension and mistrust by implementing a proactive approach to the conflict other than permitting issues to go unattended. They must create an environment that upholds appreciation, communication, and constructive interactions (, 2019).


For there to be an inclusive working environment, leaders and managers should always offer their employees training opportunities. In this training, they can incorporate different team-building exercises to help team members appreciate and know each other’s cultures. Manages can pair together individuals who stem from different cultural backgrounds or those who typically do not appreciate one another. In some cases, managers can arrange meetings either with individuals or groups to distinguish the genesis of communication issues or mistrust among the employees. During these meetings, managers can opt to incorporate listening techniques to assist the warring parties in understanding each other well. Additionally, managers can utilize leveraging techniques and transform emanating issues into positive learning outcomes for all parties involved (Roux, 2020).

Discussion post 2:

Globalization has been tossed around in the business field for some time now, but the information age and the social networking has taken it to new heights that we see today. The current pandemic has also changed the way we work and it has affected major changes in the global workforce, part of our team is offshore and we work at different times and it gets a little harder to stay connected during work hours and we have schedule meetings with offshore team at inconvenient times, but the different work culture (WFH) offshore team is more comfortable to accommodate our timing since they work from home. Human Resource Management has more opportunities and given more priority in Organizations to build a global workforce that are compatible and believe in the goals of the Organization (Bateman & Konopaske, 2020). This is possible due to broader reach of the organization in global market to select talent from.

The mistrust and tension part of any global business since you are working outside of your country and don’t understand and approve the way things are done. In this scenario the reason being that we do work countries is because it is cost effective, but comes with price such as potential for IP theft, issues with supply chain and corruption (Duncan, 2018). This creates negative perception in your mindset which you project upon employees from that background and only way to improve that is getting know your employees from hiring level itself to create comprehensive profile to better suit your employee sensibilities. Stereotyping has been declining at least at work level due to social networking and people are not blind now a days and working on it and I think social media (internal social media in Organization) is the best tool to counter stereotyping. Communication in my opinion is the major issue at my level in the organization I have experienced, at my current company when I was first hired, I had to do some cultural communication training manuals where it takes us through different scenarios and shows how it is handled and also how it should be handled. There are some good training protocols for this purpose and organization should make it mandatory for its employees whether current or new hires on a regular basis to better communicate.

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